Mum in hysterics after accidentally sending son to school with ‘bird food’

Mum in hysterics after accidentally sending son to school with ‘bird food’

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No matter how prepared you think you are, parenting is a difficult job at times.

With the morning runs and school uniform among the things you have to think of, it can get draining.

Now one woman was left in stitches after she made the honest mistake of giving her son the wrong packed lunch.

Posting on Mumsnet, she explained how she was supposed to give her son pasta salad for his school meal.

But instead, he was given a tub of fat for the birds, yikes that's awkward.

She wrote: "I told DS [darling son] he had pasta salad for lunch. This evening he asked why we'd given him 'funny mashed potato'.

"Turns out the pasta salad was still in the fridge and he'd been eating a tub full of fat I'd saved for the birds."

She concluded: "Has anyone sent their child to school with anything worse or are we officially the worst parents on Mumsnet?"

One person said: "Ahahahahahaha!!!! Oh dear."

Another replied: "No, but this made me laugh out loud after a busy day! How much of it did he eat?!"

A third joked: "I'm surprised you didn't get a confused call from the school receptionist!!"

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Meanwhile other parents shared their own funny stories.

One Mumsnet user said: "We sent our son to school with a tub of margarine once."

Another commented: "I had a bit of a rep for sending my kids to school with sandwiches made from mouldy bread."

In other parenting news, a mum-of-11 hit back at trolls who mocked her kids for eating "junk food".

Veronica Merritt, 36, is expecting baby number 12 and calls herself This Mad Mama on social media.

While she has many supportive followers, she also gets trolls who try to shame her for her parenting style.

The mum filmed herself giving her kids cereal, waffles and instant noodles to eat when she was too "cranky and tired" to cook.

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