Mum horrified as hospital mistake means newborn daughter is legally called Korn

Mum horrified as hospital mistake means newborn daughter is legally called Korn

Parents often put a lot of thought and consideration on what baby name their son or daughter will have.

However, one mum was horrified after a hospital mistake meant her daughter's name was completely different to what she'd meant it to be.

Kelsey Tate, from Seattle, Washington, was mortified after an error meant her child was legally named Korn – like the heavy metal band – rather than Kora that she'd intended it to be.

The new mum, who's baby was born on April 10 this year, said she hadn't planned to name her daughter after the US band, and took to Twitter to explain.

She wrote online: "The hospital messed up my baby's name and we just got the birth certificate and it's Korn. My baby's name is legally Korn."

Kelsey later added that there was a chance the hospital staff checked with her first before confirming the name, but she said she was "down a lot of blood" at the time.

She continued: "1. The name is supposed to be Kora.

"2. Yes this should be able to be easily fixed if we are fast!

"3. There is a chance they may have had me double check this, but to be fair I was down a lot of blood at the time".

Kelsey admitted that the hospital whiteboard had the name written correctly, but she did notice an error with the surname on the first form.

Kelsey believes the error may have occurred when the second form was written up – however says she wasn't made aware of it until it was finalised.

Fellow Twitter users seemed to find the awkward blunder hysterical, with many even sharing their own horror naming stories where parents had made mistakes or names had been recorded incorrectly.

One person wrote: "My parents called me Peter forgetting my elder brother is called Peter."

While another added: "I was born in the month of 'Mary', and no one noticed until I turned 25 and I had to get some paperwork filed that involved that birth certificate."

A third chimed in: "The nurse when I was born messed my name up and we didn't realise it until I was 18 and couldn't get my license cause my social and birth certificate weren't the same. Took 6 months to fix since we moved states when I was a baby. My mom called every day to get it fixed."

A fourth called the blunder "absurd" but said it was a "great story" to "embarrass her with" when she's older.

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Another suggested Kelsey keep Korn as the child's middle name and have Kora as the first as intended, saying it's the "only solution now".

Kelsey later added: "Kora/Korn does not know she was the main character this weekend.

"We just mailed the corrections form, which unfortunately was the back of the Korn certificate so we can’t put it in the baby book but we'll put a scanned version in."

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