Mum gets Asda logo tattooed on bum and hopes it ‘will get her more Tinder dates’

Mum gets Asda logo tattooed on bum and hopes it ‘will get her more Tinder dates’

A former Asda employee has revealed how she got a bizarre tribute to the supermarket chain tattooed on her bum.

Jodie Waddell, 32, worked for the supermarket giant over a year ago, where she was in charge of the pizza department before moving on to her current role in Greggs.

But the mum from Edinburgh loved the supermarket so much that she spent a £90 tax refund on getting the logo permanently inked on her bum cheek.

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Jodie is now hoping that the tattoo will help her land some dates as she claims it has been a great 'ice-breaker' on Tinder.

In a TikTok video, which has gained more than 100 likes, she said: "Things I get asked on Tinder… is that Asda tattoo real?"

She then showed off the big green letters in a follow-up video where she has been branded a "legend" for getting it done.

Speaking to Fabulous about her Tinder experience since getting the tattoo, she said: “Every single message I get is about the tattoo.

"They want to know if it’s real and why I got it. I’m hoping it’s going to be a real conversation starter and ice-breaker.

"I don’t work there anymore but when I got a rebate I decided to just go for it and get the tattoo as a tribute. I’m the kind of person that likes to be spontaneous."

She also explained that the inking took around 45 minutes and was agonising in comparison to other tattoos she's had done.

"It took about 45 minutes and it was just agony. I’ve got tattoos on my legs and arms but that felt nothing like this one," she explained.

"The pain was just breathtaking. I had bruising on my bum so sitting down was a bit of a challenge for a couple of days.”

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But it would appear her followers believe it was all worth it as one TikTok user said: "This is class."

Another added: "Legend."

The news comes after shoppers mistakenly thought they could dress up as an Asda worker for their other half after spotting a 'roleplay set' being sold by the supermarket.

The fancy dress costume was actually for children to dress up as a supermarket worker but the 'roleplay' branding of the product has sent people's minds wandering.


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