Mum, 25, to wed son’s nursery bus driver – 37 years her senior

Mum, 25, to wed son’s nursery bus driver – 37 years her senior

A 25-year-old mum has revealed how she suddenly fell in love with a ‘bus man’ three times her age – now they’re now set to marry.

Laura Wright, 25, of Plymouth, met Steve Churchward, now 62, said her husband-to-be was "wrinkly and bald" when they first met.

Ms Wright said she wasn’t looking for a relationship when she first met him on the bus as she brought her soon to nursery.

The mum-of-two said she didn’t think she could develop feeling for him at first, but after striking up conversation on Facebook, she realised how "gorgeous" Steve is.

Their relationship has received its fair share of complaints, but the pair say they’re happy no matter what and they are now set to tie the knot.

Laura, a stay-at-home mum, says: "Steve’s age has never bothered us in the slightest and it’s not something I notice.

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"I feel so lucky to have him by my side, he’s everything I’ve ever wanted."

Laura, who is mum to Braydon, six, and Kiera, five, met Steve in May 2015.

She says: "I’d just come out of a long-term relationship and wasn’t looking to rush into another one.

"I wanted to focus on the kids.

"I met Steve on the bus he was driving while I was taking my son to nursery one day.

"He was bald and wrinkly, with a beer belly. He wasn’t my usual type and I didn’t find him attractive at first.

"I had spotted him before but we’d never spoken.

"This time, he said ‘Hello’ and asked for my Facebook . Flustered, I gave him my name. I figured it was harmless.

"Steve added me that night and we started chatting online about our families and lives. I realised how kind, generous and loving he was."

The next day, Steve asked Laura on a date over Facebook.

She accepted and, two days later, they enjoyed beers in her back garden.

She says: "There was an instant spark. I discovered Steve was then 59 and had three children who were more than five years older than I was.

"But his age never bothered me.

"And to be honest, I wasn’t expecting to develop feelings for him.

"After that, I saw him on the bus most days as he drove that route. The kids always waved to him and called him ‘Bus man’."

Within weeks, the pair were dating and their relationship moved quickly – with Steve becoming a father figure to Laura’s children.

She says: "Steve would cook dinner for me and the kids, or get them ready for school.

"He treated them like his own children. Braydon even calls Steve ‘Daddy,’ it’s adorable and I know Steve loves it.

"Eventually, I told my parents about our relationship. My dad is 10 years younger than Steve so I worried they’d be upset.

"But when I told them I loved him, they were happy for us and when they finally met Steve, they loved him too."

In November 2015, the couple moved in together and Steve was the perfect stepdad.

But, thanks to the large age gap, strangers presumed Steve was Laura’s father.

Laura says: "One day we were at the supermarket when a cashier told Steve that his grandchildren were really well-behaved.

"Braydon heard her and said ‘He’s my dad’.

"Thankfully Steve laughs off comments like that.

"But we do receive confused and dirty looks from strangers if we hold hands in public.

"And once we were at a pub, when a guy asked me what I was ‘doing with that old man,’ referring to Steve, and said we were disgusting.

"His friend later apologised, saying he was drunk.

"But it wasn’t a nice experience. And it wasn’t his business, I don’t see why people feel the need to judge others."

Despite some unwelcome comments, Steve proposed to Laura on Christmas day 2017 and the couple plan to wed in June this year Laura says: "It was the biggest shock. Now we’re planning our wedding day and I can’t wait for us to be a proper family.

"We’ve spoken about the future and decided that we don’t want to have any children together.

"We’ve got five kids between us and that’s enough."But, despite our age gap, our sex life is certainly busy. And you’d never know Steve is in his 60s, I can’t keep up with him.

"My fiance is 37 years older than me and I couldn’t be happier.

"He’s taught me the meaning of real love."

Stev, 62, adds: "As soon as I spotted Laura, I thought she was gorgeous. In terms of our age gap, I have never found it to be a problem.

"I’m just grabbing my happiness while I can – other people might notice the age gap, but we don’t.

"We don’t take notice of the nasty comments, as long as we’re happy that’s all that matters."

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