Mr Pig ‘weight loss’ bracelet sparks scores of complaints about offensive poem

Mr Pig ‘weight loss’ bracelet sparks scores of complaints about offensive poem

A woman has branded a pig-themed charm bracelet offensive as it encourages its wearer to 'lose the pounds' at 'fatty club'.

Mental health blogger Cara Lisette stumbled across the charm in an on-line shop on Etsy and was horrified by its message and disgusted by how anyone could think it's appropriate as a gift.

She wrote: "Okay I just came across the WORST thing online shopping….Literally imagine someone buying you this? I hate it??"

The £3.50 bracelet description reads: "Funny piggy gift charm' that's a 'cheeky gift for friend, mum or diet resolution gift."

It continues: "When you feel like STUFFING your FACE. Look at MR PIGGY and think of your WAIST!

"He's to remind you that you need to be GOOD. Lose the £££s when you get on the scales at FATTY CLUB."

The poem ends: "If the bracelet starts to FRAY… it means your WISH maybe on its WAY!"

The post has since attracted scores of commenters who have been blown away by the poor tasted item.

One wrote: "Ermm. Wow. I'm gobsmacked tbh," while a second added: "OMG. This is just gross and to whoever wrote it, 'good and club' don't rhyme."

And those who viewed her post were also left questioning how this could be a gift which would be useful and even brandishing it 'fatphobic' and concerned about the implications of such an item in view of extreme weight loss and even eating disorders.

Another added: "The fact that it even exists is disgusting, and to think it's a good idea to market it as a GIFT!?!?

"Jeez.. I saw this thing once where you put some kind of sensor on the fridge that connected to a pig magnet that oinks every time you open the door.. just.. Idk what to say."

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