Mother, 46, and daughter, 17, say they're mistaken for SISTERS

Mother, 46, and daughter, 17, say they're mistaken for SISTERS

Glamorous mother, 46, who’s mistaken for her 17-year-old daughter’s SISTER says she loves ‘looking young and modern’ and feels like a woman half her age

  • Cathy Arganese, 46, is often mistaken for her 17-year-old daughter’s sister 
  • Daughter Jagger said she is proud to look so much like her glamorous mother 
  • The pair play on their similarities by wearing similar stylish clothing out together 

A mother and daughter revealed they often get mistaken for sisters despite there being almost 30 years between them.  

Makeup artist Jagger Arganese, 17, from Hertford, said she and her mother Cathy, 46, are ‘best friends’ and ‘always go out together’.

But strangers are shocked to learn the pair are mother and daughter – not siblings. 

Cathy agreed, saying they ‘get a lot of stares’ when they’re out shopping and said they’ve even been compared to the Kardashians.  

Close bond: Makeup artist Jagger Arganese, 17, left, from Hertford, said she and her mother Cathy, 46, right, are ‘best friends’ and ‘always go out together’

Girls day out! Jagger (left) and her mother (right) like to wear co-ordinated glamorous looks

Jagger said: ‘My mum and I are like best friends so we always go out together. If we are out shopping together in London people will say to us that we look more like sisters rather than mum and daughter.

‘They’re shocked when they realise that she is actually my mum. But I love it because my mum looks amazing.

‘Apart from the colour of our hair, we look really similar and we also have a really similar sense of fashion so I think that makes us look even more like a sister because we are usually wearing the same style of clothing.

‘She has always taught me the importance of looking my best and we come from quite a glamorous family so it’s not really a shock that people think this when they see us together.’

Star quality: Jagger (left) and Cathy (right) have even been compared to the Kardashians 

Making her daughter proud: Jagger said she loves the way her mother Cathy (pictured) looks

Cathy said she ‘likes to think she’s still 20’. 

She added: ‘While I am comfortable being my age and I am still quite a traditional mum to Jagger and my two sons, I do like looking young and modern.

‘Jaggar and I love to look glam whenever we go out. We always have our hair and makeup done and we are always in nice outfits so we do get a lot of stares when we are out together.

‘People have actually even compared us to the Kardashians which made us laugh. We love to look good because it makes us feel good. We have an amazing relationship. We are best friends and we love to spend time together.

‘We especially love going shopping in London most weekends because we have the same sense of style which is great as we can share clothes.

Out and about: Jagger (pictured) and Cathy love going on shopping trips to London together

Strike a pose: Cathy (pictured) said she’s 20 years old at heart and takes care of her appearance

Dream team: Jagger (left) and Cathy are both thrilled they have such a close relationship

‘Jaggar and I have the dream relationship and I am proud that I have moulded her into a nice young lady. I love that we spend so much time together because I would hate to lead a separate life to my daughter.’

Jaggar, a makeup artist, admits that she would hate to have an old fashioned and ‘granny-like’ mum who wouldn’t let her kids dress up and wear makeup.

She says that she loves that they both like to keep up their appearance and look amazing.

Jagger added: ‘I’ve always loved makeup and I think it’s because as my mums only daughter she has really put all that side of her into me so I want to look my best too.

Following her mother’s example: Jagger (pictured) said she hopes she gets her mother’s genes

‘I think it has been passed down through the family as my nan loved to look her best too and slept in rollers every night.

‘My mum just doesn’t seem to age and I really hope I get the genes from her too so I can look as amazing as her as I get older.

‘My friends always mention how pretty and stylish my mum is too. And my brothers get annoyed at their friends because they always make comments about my mum to wind them up.’

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