Morrisons unveils Easter eggs made entirely of cheese – and shoppers are torn

Morrisons unveils Easter eggs made entirely of cheese – and shoppers are torn

There's nothing quite like munching on an Easter egg (or two) to mark the beginning of spring.

But if you're not a chocolate lover your foody needs may not be met.

If you have more of a savoury tooth – you may be in luck – as Morrisons unveiled two new Easter eggs that are completely made of cheese.

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If you love a bit of cheese you'll be able to nibble on a Lancashire and Cheddar egg or a Stratford Blue soft cheese egg this year.

Both savoury offerings are handmade in rural Lancashire, and are composed of the finest British produce, according to the supermarket.

As well as being tasty they'll only set you back around £5 an egg.

The alternative eggs will be in-store and online from today, but so far the goodies seem to be leaving people torn.

While some like the idea of immersing themselves in cheese, others think it's a step too far.

But for those who don't have a sweet tooth it could be an interesting option to munch on during the festivities.

Responding to the quirky foodie creation, one person wrote: "Great idea."

A second added: "This is great news for anyone like me who's allergic to chocolate."

A third also chirped in: "My kind of Easter egg, you can keep your chocolate."

But others were left far from impressed with the idea.

"Don't ever dare to give me cheese instead of chocolate," another commented.

Someone else also replied: "I like cheese but this is taking it too far!"

If you fancy trying the cheesy creations My Morrisons customers can snap up the eggs for £4 from April 10 until stock lasts.

Andrew Thomas, Buying Manager, Cheese at Morrisons said: "We're continuously looking for ways to make Easter moments fun and exciting for our customers and we’re thrilled to unveil a real unique twist on a true classic."


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