Model with ‘world’s biggest cheeks’ looked so different at 21 – before fillers

Model with ‘world’s biggest cheeks’ looked so different at 21 – before fillers

Anastasia Pokreshchuk is famous for her chiselled cheekbones and vibrant sense of style.

The Ukrainian model claims to have the “world’s biggest cheeks”, which she’s achieved by spending more than £1,500 on filler and other cosmetic procedures.

But what did she look like before injecting her face?

On Instagram, the 32-year-old influencer shared a picture of herself at 21.

She looked world’s apart in the image, where she rocked natural makeup to showcase her big brown eyes and had long brunette locks.

Nowadays, the Instagram star has Botoxed skin, bright pink hair, a plump pout and icy blue contact lenses.

Anastasia captioned the post: “Did you find out? I’m probably 21 on the left.”

She sarcastically joked: “Of course, it used to be better. Or not.”

The snap garnered more than 16,600 likes and people couldn’t agree on which look they prefer.

One wrote: “I like the way you look now. If only the cheekbones would be smaller.”

And another said: “Now is so much better.”

Others disagreed and raved about Anastasia’s more natural look.

One commenter said: “It used to be better.”

Others defended the model though and urged her to stop caring what others think off her.

An Instagram user replied: “Beautiful – but in different ways.

“In general, the main thing is that you like yourself and feel comfortable.

“This is your body and your life, which means only you can decide how to look and which was better.”

No matter what fans think, Anastasia seems to prefer her cosmetically enhanced looks.

After getting her first face filler at 26, the influencer's cheekbones started jutting from her face.

She also got lip filler and Botox injected into her forehead.

And instead of rocking brunette curls, she’s dyed her poker-straight hair a shade of Barbie pink.

Since getting her first jab, the model has lost count of how many times she’s injected herself.

While some aren’t keen on her new look, the Instagram star loves it.

Previously, she revealed: “After I had the injections and saw the changes in my cheeks, I fell in love with them…

“I understand that they look weird for other people but I don’t mind.”

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