Model shows off ‘big belly’ that’s helped her ‘make monthly rent in 15 minutes’

Model shows off ‘big belly’ that’s helped her ‘make monthly rent in 15 minutes’

A plus size OnlyFans model boasted she could pay off her monthly rent by filming 15 minutes of "big belly content".

The 25-year-old redhead, who claims to be in the top 2% of plus size content creators in Australia, left people stunned when she gave a hint of her impressive earnings.

In her now-viral video on TikTok, she gets ready at home and dresses up in a sports bra and biker shorts with full makeup on.

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"Setting up my tripod to make my monthly rent in 15 minutes," she wrote in the video caption while adjusting the tripod to her optimal height.

She captioned the clip: "Tips are finally up on my free site! #bbw #plussize #confidencetips #bigbelly #tips"

One viewer was left scratching her head and asked: "Wait, what do you do to make rent in 15 minutes?"

"Oh I'm in the wrong profession," another realised and a third said: "I'm so broke right now, I need more information."

"I'm trying to wrap my head around this (to make enough in that amount of time), but I'm very happy for you!" a fourth congratulated her.

The OnlyFans star mentioned in her Instagram Story that she has learned to love herself more than ever.

She encouraged people to pick a bad-a** outfit and flaunt their body in public.

"I stopped caring about how I'm perceived by others and I started going out in clothes I wouldn't normally wear outside the house to get out of my comfort zone," the model added.

"My dream is to earn enough money so I can live off the grid with lots of animals."

When a fan asked what her dream body looks like, she proudly replied: "Myself! I don't need no dream body!

"I have always been a chunky girl and yes, I have been mistaken for a pregnant woman in public but p*ssing people off for being confident in my body is the best thing about being a big, beautiful woman.


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