Model Lindsey Pelas spills truth about ex Dan Bilzerian’s ‘wild’ lifestyle

Model Lindsey Pelas spills truth about ex Dan Bilzerian’s ‘wild’ lifestyle

Notorious playboy Dan Bilzerian is known for his wild lifestyle, travelling around the globe on private jets, partying with beautiful women and drinking the most expensive champagne.

This is thanks to the 'King of Instagram's' huge net worth of $200million (£145million).

However, is his lifestyle really as extravagant as it seems on social media?

The poker player's ex, Playboy star Lindsey Pelas, has now opened up about her time with the star and what they got up to.

Speaking to the Hollywood Raw podcast, Lindsey, 30, called her time with Dan "amazing" – saying what you see is what you get.

Talking about the huge Hollywood parties with crowds of women Dan is known for, the model said: "Absolutely it's all real, which is crazy. 100 percent.

"I was 23 when we met and this was one of the first people I met in LA, period.

"So with Dan came a ton of adventure, I met now some of my life-long friends through Dan, and Dan made it a purpose to make me 'internet famous'."

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She added: "So hanging out with Dan came with a lot of perks but it was 100 percent real, his lifestyle was real.

"It was so interesting to me that the first time we met I actually came home and I wrote the entire story down, like, I had 10 pages of 'when I met Dan Bilzerian' because it was the wildest night and just situation.

"But no, that's 100 percent his life, which is fascinating."

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Lindsey also spoke about the night they met each other at a Halloween party at the Playboy mansion.

She said: "Immediately, a security guard came up to me and said, 'Hey, do you want to meet Dan Bilzerian?'.

"So they brought me over there and he, literally, was just… his first words were, actually, 'I like the way you jiggle'. It was the first thing he said and then I responded with, 'This is what the real thing looks like' – just so cheesy.

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"But we hung out all night, and I remember, when we went back to his place – it was the first time I'd ever been in, like, I think it was a Rolls Royce and there was like a zebra rug on the floor, like, something outrageous, and I was, like, 'What the f*** is this?'

"And when we got back to the house, I remember specifically the kitchen was filled with, like, fruit and snacks and trays.

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"And it was the first time I'd ever seen, like, a cornucopia of food, like, I'd been to Thanksgiving dinner but I'd never seen such a display on a random Halloween night at someone's home.

"It was shocking."

Dan, 40, boasts 32.5million followers on Instagram where he shares snaps of himself 'living the dream' – either in a hot tub, on a yacht, a private jet, or five star hotel.

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He's the son of corporate takeover specialist Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen – with his dad setting up a trust fund for him to live on when he was younger.

The former Navy seal trainee has confessed he makes a fortune too of his own from his high-stakes poker games that he plays.

In fact, he once boasted on his Instagram that he made $50million (£36million) in a year playing the game.

The Instagram influencer has even starred in a film as a poker player when he appeared in the 2013 film Lone Survivor, which also starred Mark Wahlberg.

His rich lifestyle means he also has a lot of celeb friends who he has shared snaps with – including Cardi B, Mel Gibson, Tyga and Steve Aoki.

According to the magazine GQ, Dan also gets around 20,000 new Instagram followers a day, which can only help with boosting his bank balance and celebrity status.

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