Model earns fortune from fetish pix – but it’s ‘art and not as easy as it looks’

Model earns fortune from fetish pix – but it’s ‘art and not as easy as it looks’
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    A British fetish model claimed her job is a 'real art' and it's 'not as easy as it looks'.

    Emmerald Barwise, 30, who lives in Wrexham, has spent the last eight years of her life modelling full time.

    Whether that be pin up or being tied up, the sizzling hot red head is not shy about posing for the flash of the camera.

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    The beauty had her first modelling job back when she was 15 for a clothes show and had odd posing jobs here and there after that.

    But after being convinced by a friend, Emmerald took the plunge to make being a muse her career.

    Despite chasing her dream, the alternative model admitted that it is not as glamourous as first thought.

    In an exclusive with Daily Star, Emmerald revealed that being tied up in front of a camera and looking effortless is not for the fainthearted.

    The fetish model explained: "Its something I've always wanted to do but never pushed as I didn't think I had the right look. Then my mate Maddie convinced me to just try and apply myself but stick to my look and my niche and the rest is history as they say.

    "I love the finished product and seeing how amazing I can look after hair and makeup and posing properly with a good set and good photographer.

    "It's real art! And not as easy as it looks either! That's my fave thing!

    Emmerald admitted: "I love my job and absolutely love all the different types of styles and looks and pictures at the end as well.

    "It's [fetish modelling] something I've done from the start as I loved shooting in latex so it came hand in hand."

    With her love of latex and pleasure of being tied up on camera for a £25 an hour, Emmerald has a wide range of fetishes that she can fulfil for clients – whether that be personal or for a brand campaign.

    "Closed leg nude means I'm fully naked while on the photoshoot but I keep my legs fully closed so you don't see any of my downstairs bits", the saucy model explained.

    "Tickle fetish is where you are either tickling someone or being tickled on videos.

    "Bondage and tie ups are where someone ties me up or restrains me and I have to try and escape on video or I just have videos taken while being tied up or once I am tied up

    "It's a very physical job posing and getting the right angles!"

    Emmerald noted that come rain or come shine, fetish modelling waits for no one.

    She added: "Sometimes you're outside in the freezing cold or boiling hot. You have to make it look effortless!

    "You always have to have your hair nails etc done nice and you have to constantly market yourself."

    Although Emmerald is used to being tied up with masking tape in the name of fetishism, she has not swayed to the "naughty" side just yet.

    She added: "I haven't done porn or anything adult.

    "At the minute I wouldn't but never say never – if I was offered a lot of money I probably would."


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