Mississippi Councilwoman Charged With Firing Gun in Walmart Parking Lot Brawl With Ex Caught on Video

Mississippi Councilwoman Charged With Firing Gun in Walmart Parking Lot Brawl With Ex Caught on Video

The video allegedly shows her opening fire at her ex’s fleeing fiancée, before pistol whipping her ex.

A Mississippi councilwoman has been charged with firing a gun in a Walmart parking lot brawl with her ex girlfriend and her ex’s new fiancée.

Summit Town Councilwoman Pauline Monley turned herself into police on Monday after an insane video posted on Facebook appeared to show her opening fire at the fleeing fiancée before pistol whipping her ex.

The confrontation, filmed by a shocked shopper, allegedly shows Lillian Martin fleeing for her life through the car park, with the elected official striding after her, firearm raised.

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“You’re going to jail!” the woman with the gun can be heard roaring, firing a shot after the fleeing woman; she then turns and points the gun at another woman, before walking up to her and raining several blows to her head, gun in hand.

Monley was charged with domestic violence, simple assault and discharging a firearm. Both Martin and her fiancée filed charges.

“I’m scared. I’m still scared,” Martin told WLBT. “I’m scared right now, and, I mean, I’ve been in the military 20 something years and been in a war but I’ve never been this scared.”

Martin told the station Monley had a problem with the engagement, and had previously caused trouble over it. She alleged Monley attacked her fiancée in the parking lot, which is why she stepped in.

“That’s when she reached in her pocket and pulled out a gun and all I heard was someone say, ‘She’s got a gun!’ and I started running,” she said. “And as I started running I heard one shot and after that she turned around and pointed a gun at my fiancée and started beating her up from behind.”

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However Monley told WJTV that she was acting in self-defense, and that the video didn’t show the whole story.

“She hit me across my head,” she said shortly after being released from jail on bond. “As she hit me, I stumbled. My glasses fell on the ground. I picked them up, and as she was still coming at me, I grabbed my gun. It was all in self-defense on my part.”

While there have been calls for Monley to resign or be fired, Mayor Percy Robinson said it wasn’t his decision to make.

“Right now, I’ve talked to my board attorney this morning, and we will see what the ethics commission thinks needs to be done,” he said, adding Monley had done a good job on the council thus far.

Police Chief Garland Ward said Monley may face additional charges.

“At the end of the day, no matter what happened or what transpired prior to the incident, there was no need for you to fire a weapon at the parking lot of Walmart on one of the busiest days of the year,” he said.

Monley meanwhile said she accepts responsibility for what happened, but has no intentions of stepping down — and even plans to run for re-election next year.

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