Missing Man Found Buried In His Family’s Basement Almost 60 Years After Disappearing

Missing Man Found Buried In His Family’s Basement Almost 60 Years After Disappearing

An investigation is now underway to try and determine what happened to him.

A skeleton that was found in a Long Island home’s basement back in October has finally been identified. George Carroll, a Korean War veteran, disappeared almost 60 years ago, according to People. But now his remains have been found — and investigators have a whole bunch of questions.

The remains were uncovered in October in the family home of George Carroll. His son, Michael Carroll, had been investigating his father’s disappearance for some time. After working with paranormal investigators and psychics to learn the truth of what happened to his father, he tried a more scientific approach.

Specialized tools were used to scan the entirety of the basement floor of his house in Lake Grove. When the results came back, they showed a skeleton buried five feet underground. The skeleton appears to be perfectly intact, raising even more questions about how it came to be there.

With help from his sons, Michael Carroll excavated his basement and successfully located the remains. Upon finding the skeleton, they called 911. Police are now saying this is a homicide investigation, and are working to discover how — and why — George Carroll ended up buried in his family’s basement.

As a child, Michael Carroll was told by his mother that his father had left them. According to her, George Carroll had gone out for cigarettes back in 1961, and simply never came home. Michael Carroll was about eight months old at the time of his father’s disappearance, and throughout his life he was determined to find out the truth behind what really happened.

Dorothy Carroll, George’s wife and Michael’s mother, claimed throughout her life that her husband had left her. She raised four children on her own, including Michael. Dorothy Carroll passed away in 1998, having never swayed from her story.

Despite her insistence, Michael Carroll wasn’t satisfied with the tale of his father’s disappearance. George Carroll will be given a proper burial by his son, who hopes to lay his father to rest in Calverton National Cemetery in Long Island, near the family home.

Investigators are looking into the case, hoping to understand what happened to George Carroll way back in 1961. Unfortunately, due to the amount of time that has passed since his death, it may be impossible to confirm exactly how George Carroll died. However, reports indicate that he had sustained blunt force trauma which contributed to his death.

The investigation is ongoing, and detectives on the case are asking anyone who may have any information to come forward and contact them.

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