Mindy Kaling Launches Limited-Time Collection With Andie Swimwear

Mindy Kaling Launches Limited-Time Collection With Andie Swimwear

Mindy’s Kaling newest project has taken the actress in a new direction – swimwear. The Office alum recently launched a 33-piece collection with swimwear company Andie.

She announced the collection via Instagram. “I bet you didn’t know my side hustle was swimsuit design,” she wrote on May 10th. “I am so excited to launch my first-ever swimwear collection in collaboration with Andie!”

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The collection features sizes XS to XXL, and the prices range from $52 to $128. In addition to one-piece swimsuits and bikinis, the collection features dresses, shorts, and sarongs.

“I designed new limited-edition styles, and also re-imagined classic Andie suits in bold + fun Mindy-approved colors (but also some classic colors if you’re, like, trying to be chill),” Mindy continued in the Instagram post.

“I am not crazy about trying on swimsuits. In fact, I kind of famously despise it?” she went on “But these are so flattering, I promise your new favorite suit is in this collection — available in sizes XS to XXXL. Enjoy!”

Speaking to PEOPLE, Mindy revealed that her own body transformation and becoming a mother inspired her to do the collection.

“It’s not like you become a mom and you give up on looking cute and sexy and all you want to wear is a modest navy bathing suit,” she explained. “I don’t need to have a skirted bathing suit. These pieces make me feel young and carefree — they’re not too revealing, they give me support where I need it and the colors are gorgeous.”

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“I’m not someone where every piece of clothing is flattering on me. I am curvy and I have big thighs, and the collection is great for my body type,” Mindy continued. “And I think a lot of women will like it for themselves as well.”

It’s unknown how much Mindy – who has a reported net worth of $53 million – is making from her collaboration with Andie. However, there’s reason to suspect it may be a six-figure campaign, if not more.

For instance, some celebrities can make between $10,000 to $100,000 from a single sponsored post on Instagram, provided they have over a million followers. Mindy currently has 7 million followers on Instagram.

But Mindy’s collaboration with Andy would likely pay her much more than a sponsored post because it requires so much more. The actress has already done interviews and photoshoots promoting the brand in addition to social posts. There’s also a physical product being sold, so her profit may also be dependent on sales.

In any case, Mindy’s swimwear collection is a big milestone in her career and one surely to pique the interest of her followers.

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