Meryl Streep Once Shared ‘Terrible Mistake’ Starring in Jane Fonda Movie: ‘I Hate This Business’

Meryl Streep Once Shared ‘Terrible Mistake’ Starring in Jane Fonda Movie: ‘I Hate This Business’

Meryl Streep is one of the greatest actors in the industry. She is one of the most awarded members of her craft, but there was a point in time when she truly hated the business entirely. Streep starred in her first movie alongside Jane Fonda, which she initially thought was a “terrible mistake.” As a result, she thought low of the industry as a whole but ultimately overcame this occurrence.

Meryl Streep’s first movie role was in ‘Julia’

Streep’s first movie was starring in the minor role of Anne Marie in 1977’s Julia. The film is a Holocaust drama directed by Fred Zinnemann and written by Alvin Sargent. It’s based on the writings of Lillian Hellman. The story follows the relationship between two friends, but they soon discover some unexpected consequences.

Lillian (Fonda) is a widely celebrated playwright in Russia, but everything changes when she reunites with her childhood friend named Julia (Vanessa Redgrave). The writer joins the cause against the Nazi movement to smuggle funds into Germany to fight against the party. However, her lover, Dashiell Hammett (Jason Robards), is unaware of the mission she’s pursuing.

Meryl Streep once said she thought it was a ‘terrible’ mistake starring in ‘Julia’

Karina Longworth’s Meryl Streep: Anatomy of an Actor explores the actor’s extensive filmography. She is one of the greatest actors to ever work in the industry with plenty of stories to share. Streep’s first movie role is in Julia but only stars in a flashback sequence. Most of her scenes didn’t make the final cut. However, the scene left intact horrified her.

“I had a bad wig and they took the words from the scene I shot with Jane and put them in my mouth in a different scene,” Streep said. “I thought, ‘I’ve made a terrible mistake, no more movies. I hate this business.’”

However, Streep ultimately picked herself back up and pushed forward in the industry. Audiences and her entertainment peers consistently praise her talent and project choices.

Jane Fonda made in impact on the actor

Streep would admit in Longworth’s book that Fonda opened many doors for other female actors to persevere in the entertainment industry. She didn’t love how her feature debut performance turned out, but the film earned fairly positive marks. Julia had an even stronger presence throughout the awards season.

Julia ultimately made its way to the Oscars and won three awards. The film earned Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Robards, Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Redgrave, and Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium. However, Streep’s first movie also earned eight other nominations in other categories.

Fonda’s lead performance earned a nomination alongside other categories, such as editing, director, and original score. Both actors continue to inspire countless actors around the world.

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