Meghan Markle's relative says she 'won't talk to her family again'

Meghan Markle's relative says she 'won't talk to her family again'

Relative of Meghan Markle says she ‘won’t ever talk to her family again’ because she acts like she is ‘in a different social class’ and like she ‘is above them and where she came from’

  • An anonymous member of Meghan’s family spoke to Fox News about her relationship with her relatives
  • The person – who did not reveal their relation to the Duchess of Sussex, 39 – insisted that the rift between Meghan and her family is ‘her choice’ 
  • They added that the family has no intention of pursuing a reconciliation because they don’t want to ‘chase after someone that doesn’t want to talk to them’ 
  • However the relative said that the family is ‘happy’ for the couple and wished them congratulations on the birth of their daughter, Lilibet Diana 
  • The anonymous Markle insider is one of several members of the family who have spoken out about Meghan and her estrangement from her relatives 
  • Her father, Thomas Markle, has repeatedly criticized the mother-of-two publicly, as has her half-sister Samantha
  • Thomas has previously accused Meghan of ‘ghosting all of her family’
  • Harry’s own relationship with his family has grown increasingly tense over the past few months, particularly after the couple’s bombshell Oprah interview 
  • The couple have made several very damaging allegations about the royals during recent TV and podcast appearances

An anonymous relative of Meghan Markle has claimed that she ‘won’t ever talk to her family again’ because she acts like she is ‘in a different social class’ and therefore ‘above them and where she came from’. 

The unnamed Markle insider spoke out about the Duchess of Sussex, 39, during an interview with Fox News, hitting out at the mother-of-two for her treatment of her family, while also insisting that her relatives do not wish to pursue a reconciliation.

‘We’re clearly in different social classes and we won’t ever talk again,’ the person – who did not reveal their relation to the mother-of-two – said of Meghan’s relationship with her family. 

‘You shouldn’t have to be someone you’re not, or a certain class to be accepted and loved,’ the person added.  

Rift? An unnamed relative of Meghan Markle has claimed that she ‘won’t ever talk to her family again’ because she acts like ‘she is above them and where she came from’

Distance: Although Meghan, 39, and Harry, 36, moved much closer to her family when they relocated to California, the anonymous relative does not think the Duchess will ever visit them

The source’s comments come just days after Meghan welcomed her second child with Prince Harry, a baby daughter named Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana in honor of the Queen and the late Princess Diana. 

Meghan and Harry actually moved much closer to the Duchess’ family when they relocated to her home state of California last year, moving into a $14 million mansion in Montecito where they now live with their two-year-old son Archie and newborn daughter Lili. 

But while the Duchess’s relative offered congratulations to the couple on the arrival of their daughter, they admitted that they don’t believe a playdate between the little girl and her Markle cousins is ever going to happen despite their physical proximity, joking that a meeting with Oprah Winfrey would be just as likely to take place.  

According to the Markle relative, the rift between Meghan and her family is entirely ‘her choice’, adding that the family has no plans to try and mend it because they don’t want to ‘chase after someone that doesn’t want to talk to’ them.  

Although Meghan is known to be incredibly close to her mother, Doria Ragland – who is understood to be living with the Sussexes at their $14 million Montecito mansion where she is helping them to care for Archie and his newborn sister – the Duchess does not appear to have a tight bond with anyone else6 in her immediate family. 

Indeed, this relative is not the first of Meghan’s family members to publicly criticize her, or to accuse the Duchess of widening the rift between herself and them. 

Meghan and Harry have both been blasted on a number of occasions by her estranged father, Thomas Markle, and her half-sister Samantha, most recently over comments they made during their explosive interview with Oprah.  

Following the Sussexes’ TV sit-down in March, Thomas and Samantha spoke out to slam the couple, with Meghan’s half-sister accusing the Duchess of using her mental health struggles as ‘an excuse to treat people like dishrags’. 

During the primetime sit-down, which aired on March 7, Meghan revealed that she had struggled with suicidal thoughts while pregnant with her son Archie, and claimed that the palace turned a blind eye to her mental health struggles. 

But despite her admission, Samantha, 56, said she has no sympathy for Meghan. 

‘Depression is not an excuse for treating people like dishrags and disposing of them,’ she told Inside Edition. 

In a follow-up interview with TMZ, Samantha launched another blistering attack on the Duchess, claiming that her marriage to Harry is heading for divorce unless the couple undergoes ‘extensive counselling’. 

She also called on the Sussexes to go on an ‘apology tour’ after the couple made accusations of racism within the Royal Family during their Oprah interview.  

Thomas then took aim at Harry, branding him ‘snotty’ and accusing him of failing to properly support Meghan while she was struggling with suicidal thoughts. 

‘It really did upset me, like I said, it would have been easy for her to reach out to me, any of the rest of her family, who she claims she doesn’t know,’ he told Good Morning Britain. 

‘But the other thing is that I would think that she could turn to her husband.’ 

When noted she did speak to Harry, Thomas said Meghan’s husband had ‘obviously not supported her that well’. 

Criticism: The unknown relative is not the first of Meghan’s family members to publicly criticize her. Thomas has openly slammed his daughter on a number of occasions 

Under fire: The Duchess’s half-sister Samantha Markle has also been very outspoken in her criticism of Meghan 

He then slammed his daughter’s decision to refuse to see or speak to him, saying: ‘The biggest problem here is she’s pretty much ghosted all of her family.’

The Sussexes’ relationship with Prince Harry’s family is also understood to have become very strained in recent months, particularly in the wake of the very damaging allegations the couple made about the royals during the Oprah interview – which was followed up by further comments made by the Duke during a podcast interview with actor Dax Shepard and accusations he made during his mental health series on Apple TV+. 

Further tension arose just today after Prince Harry threatened legal action against UK broadcasting corporation the BBC, which reported that he and Meghan did not ask the Queen for permission to name their daughter Lilibet.  

Senior Buckingham Palace sources are said to have told BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond on Wednesday that the Queen was ‘never asked’ her opinion on the couple’s decision to name their new baby after her childhood nickname. 

However, Harry hit back within 90 minutes of the BBC’s report being published through a statement from his and Meghan’s close friend Omid Scobie that insisted the Queen was the first person the Duke called after the birth of his daughter. 

Scobie, who wrote the bombshell Finding Freedom biography of the couple, also claimed the Sussexes would not have used the name Lilibet unless the Queen had supported the move.

Harry, who together with wife Meghan announced they were expecting a girl during their interview with Oprah in March, took things a step further mere hours after his rebuttal of the report, threatening the BBC with legal action through law firm Schillings.

Tension: Meanwhile Harry’s relationship with the royal family has become increasingly strained since the Sussexes stepped down as working members of the royal family 

Notice of the legal action was followed by a carefully-worded statement that raised more questions than answers over whether the Queen did give permission or if the couple simply informed her of their intentions in a fait accompli.

The statement insisted that the BBC report was wholly wrong and read: ‘The Duke spoke with his family in advance of the announcement, in fact his grandmother was the first family member he called.

‘During that conversation, he shared their hope of naming their daughter Lilibet in her honor. Had she not been supportive, they would not have used the name.’

The episode is the latest display of the chasm between the Sussexes and Buckingham Palace, after officials appeared to be caught off guard by the timing of the baby news with a spokesman for the Palace congratulating the couple 90 minutes after the announcement broke on the Archewell website at 1pm on Sunday.

Harry and his brother Prince William are due to unveil a statue of their mother Princess Diana at Kensington Palace on her birthday, but the arrangements have yet to be confirmed, amid a long-reported rift between the brothers. 

Harry and Meghan plunged the Windsors into crisis with their Oprah interview in March when they accused an unnamed royal of making a racist remark about their son Archie’s skin tone before he was born.

They also said the institution failed to help Meghan when she was suicidal. But during the televised interview with Winfrey, the Sussexes lauded the Queen.

Harry spoke of his respect for his grandmother, while Meghan said: ‘The Queen… has always been wonderful to me.’

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