Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ‘protective’ body language copies Queen and Prince Philip

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ‘protective’ body language copies Queen and Prince Philip

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hosted the TIME 100 Talks virtually from their home in California. Days before the event took place, a candid shot of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was released.

The black and white picture showed the couple sitting on an armchair in front of a white background.

Meghan was seen on the chair while Prince Harry perched next to her on the arm of the chair.

The picture released showed the couple in a candid moment and Meghan was seen laughing as she turned to Prince Harry.

The snap that was chosen seemed to show Prince Harry in a “dominant” position, according to body language expert Judi James.

She told Fabulous: “With her acting experience and her eloquence, passion and empathy for her causes, Meghan is undoubtedly the star of the double act now they are off making the world a better place.

“But this pose very cleverly places Harry in the higher and more dominant position, looking direct into the camera while Meghan giggles shyly from the chair.”

The staging of the picture may also have given a subtle nod to the Royal Family, Judi explained.

She said it had similarities to a portrait of the Queen and Prince Philip that was released when the couple got engaged.

The picture from 1947 was also in black and white and showed the Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, sitting on a chair looking at Prince Philip.

Like Prince Harry, Prince Philip was also sat on the arm of the chair.

Judi continued: “Tellingly [Meghan and Harry’s] pose mimics the poses the Queen first used with Philip, where he also sat leaning looking protective and manly while she smiled shyly from her chair.

“They both show the actual higher status of the women masked by a desire to flatter the male ego via the alpha body language ritual.”

While hosting the talks, Meghan and Prince Harry spoke to guests about issues focusing on the digital experience of users.

Analysing their body language during the appearance, Judi told that they were both clearly passionate about the subjects discussed.

She said: “Hosting a succession of speakers voicing their thoughts about the dangers of social media, Harry and Meghan appeared both alone and as a beaming and nodding double act to share their deep, personal passion and interest for the cause via some very emphatic and emotional body language displays.

“Harry and Meghan’s body poses looked mirrored, with Harry sitting slightly closer to the camera.

“Meghan displayed strong levels of passion for the subject under discussion, potentially based on her own experiences.

“There was a sense of tough-talk in the way she sat with one elbow extended, performing the kind of mouth shrugs and accelerated blink rate that told us she was totally on board with the themes being discussed.”

Judi explained Meghan’s reactions when certain topics were brought up could have been prompted by her own personal experiences.

“When the idea of online ‘vitriol’ was discussed she raised both hands to chest level, closing her eyes and almost wincing as she talked,” the expert continued.

“Sitting beside Harry, Meghan again signalled her distress at some of the themes by placing her hands over her face and first pursing her lips before biting them.”

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