Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could move to Frogmore Cottage ‘within days’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could move to Frogmore Cottage ‘within days’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to move to Frogmore Cottage to set up their family home soon ready for their Royal baby .

The couple currently live at Kensington Palace, but they are moving to Windsor as soon as work is finished on the property, based in the grounds of the Windsor Castle's Home Park.

ITV's documentary Secrets of the Royal Babies looks at the couple's new home, reporting it was formerly staff accommodation so will need "quite a lot of work".

The cottage had been split into five separate units for the Royal staff so had to be turned back into a home.

The cost of renovation work is said to be in the range of £3 million, with the work being carried out by the Sovereign Grant, while Prince Harry and Meghan cover the bill for the interior changes.

Harry and Meghan have reportedly hired Vicky Charles, Soho House's top designer, to makeover their home.

The designer has worked for the pair's friends, George and Amal Clooney before as well as the Beckhams.

It's said she is tearing down the interior walls to create five en-suite bedrooms and a kitchen diner.

It has also been reported that Meghan Markle wants to install a yoga studio so she can keep up with her exercise regime.

She's a long-term yoga advocate along with her mum, who is a yoga teacher.

The nursery is also being painted with vegan and organic paint, according to reports.

Non-vegan paints often use beeswax or milk products, but since Meghan follows a vegan diet it makes sense she wants to steer clear of this.

A £50,000 energy unit has also been installed, green energy of course, and it's a good thing too – the home has five bedrooms and a room for a nanny if they choose to employ one.

Last week it was also reported the pair have spent thousands soundproofing their home to avoid hearing the planes flying overhead.

It now looks like work on Frogmore Cottage is wrapping up and Harry and Meghan could move in soon.

Work took longer than expected with a source telling the Sunday Express: "They haven't spent their first night there yet but it's only a matter of days now."

Harry and Meghan must be pleased, they don't have long until the baby arrives – it's expected to be born in late April or early May.

ITV's documentary Secrets of the Royal Babies is on tonight at 9pm.

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