Martin Lewis warns Asda and Sainsbury’s customers as prices hike for vulnerable shoppers

Martin Lewis warns Asda and Sainsbury’s customers as prices hike for vulnerable shoppers

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Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, will often share his best money saving advice online. He has explained how Britons can save on delivery as Asda and Sainsbury’s shopping rules change.

Supermarket deliveries have become increasingly popular this year as Britons spend more time indoors.

They are a great option for elderly and vulnerable shoppers who have been self-isolating during the coronavirus crisis.

Most supermarkets have responded to this by increasing the number of delivery slots available each week.

However, in his latest Money Saving Expert weekly email, he explained Sainsbury’s and Asda have changed how their services works.

What has changed?

The cost of a delivery from Asda will change depending on the day, time and store.

Sainsbury’s has also updated the prices of delivery slots, with certain times of day becoming more expensive.

Martin explained the changes could hit vulnerable customers the worst and many could be left out of pocket.

The expert stated: “At Asda, vulnerable shoppers will now have to start paying for slots.

“Sainsbury’s has completely rejigged its pricing structure – its cheapest one-hour delivery slot has quadrupled to £2.”

Earlier this year, Asda introduced free slots for vulnerable customers.

This has now been increased to £3 for orders under £40.

Regular Asda slots could now cost up to £7, depending on the time of day.

At Sainsbury’s, orders over £40 will cost between £2 and £4.50, previously costing between 50p and £7.

While this will work out cheaper for some, others will be left paying more.

How to avoid extra charges

The expert explained there are some ways to avoid paying more.

Booking deliveries for quieter times of the day will drive down the delivery cost.

Regular customers can also look into delivery passes.

The cheapest times are usually in the early afternoon or late on a weeknight.

These are fixed fee subscriptions offered by supermarkets that allow multiple delivery each month.

Those who can shop in store, or order using click and collect, are encouraged to do so.

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