Marks and Spencer tip adds 3cm to school trousers for when kids grow out of them

Marks and Spencer tip adds 3cm to school trousers for when kids grow out of them

Every mum knows the struggle with buying new school uniform each year.

But did you know some Marks and Spencer trousers have a second hem?

A woman posted a photo of the secret label explaining the handy feature.

And many other parents couldn't believe their eyes when she shared it on Facebook.

She wrote on the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas group: "I was today years old when I found this out about M&S school trousers.

"How did I not know this. There is actually a proper double hem!"

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The M&S website claims the grow proof hems add an extra 3cm onto the length of the trousers.

It said: "Just unpick the press for an extra 3cm. Added stretch and an adjustable waist for a perfect fit."

Since the mum shared the trick on the page, the post racked up 5,000 likes with many parents praising the store.

One said: "I've always bought M&S trousers, how did I not know."

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Another added: "What a great idea."

While a third commented: "I have never seen this thank you."

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Previously, parents shared a clever hack for attaching school name label in seconds.

The website Labels4Kids is a great resource for a variety of name tags as well as MyNameTags.

Pop it over the clothing label and clamp your straighteners around them.

Hold them on for a few seconds and they stick on like magic without needing to twist and turn to get the iron facing the right way.

Mums couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the tip, with one writing: "GENIUS!"

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