Mark Consuelos' Pixelated Crotch Makes Kelly Ripa Cry on 'Live'

Mark Consuelos' Pixelated Crotch Makes Kelly Ripa Cry on 'Live'

"I figured I might, just to play it safe," the Riverdale actor explains

Kelly Ripa teared up laughing at her husband and co-host Mark Consuelos’ blurred out crotch.

On Tuesday’s episode of “Live with Kelly and Mark,” the 52-year-old couldn’t contain herself after watching a segment of Consuelos playing soccer.

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The new daytime television host pulled a muscle in his leg and took a visit to see a physiotherapist. The 52-year-old “Riverdale” star was wearing a particularly tight set of shorts and requested production pixelize his crotch as a precaution.

“Are you crying?” Consuelos asked his wife when the show cut back to the two at the desk.

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Ripa laughed while wiping her tears away with a tissue, “No, I’m laughing because [of] the pixelation of your crotch.”

“They didn’t need to pixelate it but I see how everybody gets a little uproar if it’s tight shirts, so I figured I might, just to play it safe,” he giggled.

Back in February, Ryan Seacrest announced he would be leaving “Live with Kelly and Ryan” after serving as co-host for six years.

Following his exit, the show was rebranded as “Live with Kelly and Mark,” and Consuelos took over as Seacrest’s full-time, permanent replacement. The “All My Children” star began on April 17.

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