Marilyn Monroe doppelganger shows what she looked like before vintage makeover

Marilyn Monroe doppelganger shows what she looked like before vintage makeover

A Marilyn Monroe doppelgänger has unveiled her natural beauty before she transformed into the 1930s pin-up star.

Glasgow lass Jasmine Chiswell, 29, became famous when she started to share stories about Marilyn Monroe and she later developed an interest in vintage dressing.

The influencer has now amassed an army of more than 12 million fans on Instagram and even more on TikTok, where she regularly uploads videos of her beauty tips and vintage clothing try-on.

She recently dug out her old pictures, showing fans what she looked like before becoming a Hollywood icon double.

"I can't believe I used to take pictures like this when I was 15," she said. "Why did I pose like that?"

The blonde beauty smiles awkwardly when she now sees her old self in stills – with long curly tresses, smokey eye makeup, pencil-thin eyebrows and posing with a "duck face".

Fans were stunned and said she looked equally gorgeous then and now.

"We all did the duck face, it was definitely in style. You were still gorgeous as ever though!" one wrote.

A second said: "It's giving Taylor Swift debut."

"It's all about that character development," a third added: "You really went from looking like a prom queen to looking like Marilyn Monroe."

Jasmine and husband Maverick recently welcomed their first child into the world and gave him a rather special name, Midnight.

But her pregnancy has led some of her fans sending hateful messages about her weight.

Jasmine was told her "body will never be the same" when she becomes a mum, but she brushed it off, telling them: "I love my body, after all it did just grow a human!"

Her love for vintage fashion and her uncanny resemblance to Marilyn Monroe have helped her booked for photoshoots and acting roles.

She has even been able to buy the £2million Runyon Canyon mansion Marilyn used to live in.

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