Marathon chocolate bar returns to UK shelves after 30 years – but not for long

Marathon chocolate bar returns to UK shelves after 30 years – but not for long

Over the years, we've seen a lot of chocolate bars which have been discontinued.

Mars Wrigley products, a favourite among Brits, are the masterminds behind M&M's, Snickers and even Maltesers.

And those who remember just how tasty a Marathon chocolate was will be happy to know the bar is making a return.

It has been confirmed the retro bar will be making an epic return to UK supermarkets after 30 years.

The sweet treat is known for its nought and nut filling which is then smothered in chocolate.

Marathon was first taken off shelves 30 years ago and it was rebranded as a Snickers bar.

However, it was briefly bought back last year in its original form for a limited time only.

It was so popular that a staggering four million bars were sold in just 12 weeks alone.

Supermarket chain Morrisons were forced to put a limit on how many packs a customer could buy at one time.

Now following the success, the treats went back on sale on August 10.

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It is currently available to buy in multipacks of four.

However, it will only be on sale in Morrisons and McColl's stores.

But chocolate fans must hurry as the Marathon bar will only be around for just three months.

David Manzini, general manager at Mars Wrigley UK, spoke about the return.

He said: "At Mars Wrigley we're all about creating better moments through our sweet treats.

"It's clear that after nearly 30 years away, people loved the return of the Marathon bar last year.

"When the British public speaks, we always aim to deliver.

"It's great that after making chocolate in the UK for nearly 90 years people still love our chocolate!"

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