Man sets up cameras to catch wife sleepwalking & footage leaves him in stitches

Man sets up cameras to catch wife sleepwalking & footage leaves him in stitches

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A woman who sleepwalks in the most bizarre way has left viewers in stitches after night vision cameras filmed the shenanigans.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by user Celina Myers @celinaspookyboo, she is caught on camera grunting and laughing hysterically as she potters around the home in the middle of the night.

She enthusiastically grabs drinks out of the fridge while giggling and takes them out to her front lawn, which is covered in snow.

Bizarrely, she then throws the soda cans onto the lawn while still laughing and muttering nonsense to herself.

"It's like a moose knuckle," she seems to say under her breath as she goes back indoors to get more drinks, only to throw them onto the grass too.

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Meanwhile, a man walking alone in the night notices her giggling and talking to herself and looks creeped-out, changing his gait to stare at her uneasily.

"I remember dreaming about a pool party," she explains sheepishly in the caption.

Her husband, Adam, often has to rescue her when she runs around in the middle of the night and bought cameras for inside and outside their home.

Celina, who is an author and has a makeup line, uploaded the clip on TikTok two days ago and it has since been watched more than 26 million times.

One amused person commented: "Why do you move like a toddler and why do I love it?"

"You got more energy when you’re asleep than most people do when they are awake," marvelled another.

Meanwhile, other people sorry for the innocent bloke walking past when Celina was maniacally laughing in her onesie and throwing things at her lawn.

"Imagine seeing someone laughing and throwing soda at the lawn while you're walking at night," commented one.

A second pleaded: "Oh please let that man see this video.

"I guarantee he needs closure otherwise he's still sitting at home wondering what the hell was going on."

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