Man rages after stranger judges him for showering naked with 6-year-old daughter

Man rages after stranger judges him for showering naked with 6-year-old daughter

A dad was left raging after another man commented on him showering with his six-year-old daughter.

The anonymous man took his child to the local public pool for a swim when the incident occurred.

He enjoyed every moment of the daddy-daughter date until the pair went to the changing rooms to shower.

As the changing rooms were empty, the dad decided to wash the chlorine off his daughter's body before putting on clothes.

But as they stood together under the water trying to unknot the child's hair, a man in his 50s walked in and saw what was going on.

His wife explained the story on Kidspot, where the dad said the stranger's face expression dropped as walked through the showering area.

When the dad asked the man if he was okay, he replied: "Not really the right place for your daughter is it?

"This is a male changing room, not the female. She shouldn't be showering like that in here."

The dad described the man's tone critical as he questioned why he was showering naked with his daughter.

Once the man walked off into the toilet cubicle, the dad and his daughter finished showering and quickly got dressed to leave.

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Later that evening, the dad explained the tale to his wife before asking her her if the situation was inappropriate.

The woman said: "He told me he was worried that perhaps he shouldn't have taken her in there and instead worked out an alternative.

"While I was shocked hearing this experience being recounted to me, I was confident that what he did was fine, normal and practical.

"I was infuriated that the man made this remark to a dad caring for his daughter and how he is now insecure in his parenting abilities."

She added: "The fact is, at this pool the showers are open and there are no private cubicles or a family change room.

"My daughter is six and she's too young to be sent off in the female changing room by herself at a public pool.

"This rude, inappropriate and out of line remark impacted my husband who is a brilliant father looking after his daughter."

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