Makeup artist swears by ‘sheer’ product to ‘delete’ under eye darkness

Makeup artist swears by ‘sheer’ product to ‘delete’ under eye darkness

Whether you want to make your eyes appear more awake or simply brighten up dark circles, concealer is often the go-to makeup product. While a thick, creamy formula is ideal for adding coverage to the skin, a beauty expert has warned against it for mature skin types. She explained that if you want to look younger, you should swap “opaque” cosmetics for “demi-colour”.

In a recent video posted on her TikTok profile, makeup artist Amanda Lee Hill (@amandaleehill) shared why a popular concealer “trend” for mature skin is ineffective.

The method recommended by many beauty professionals involves placing small dots of concealer on the inner and outer corners of the undereye before blending it out with a fluffy brush.

Amanda noted that while the result should be “less creasing for mature under eyes”, it “doesn’t work for that many women”.

She said: “The reasoning behind that is that concealer or foundation is 100 percent opacity.

“It is darkness, it’s heavy. And when we place any type of product in the fine under-eye area, where we have natural muscle creasing, it is going to settle and texture.”

The mature beauty expert explained that this method is particularly problematic if you want a more natural, barely-there makeup look.

She said: “We are going to see that you have makeup under your eye.”

To avoid this, Amanda recommended steering clear of “any product that dries down” when it comes to the delicate skin around your eyes.

For guaranteed results every time you apply makeup, the beauty expert suggested using a product known as demi-colour instead.

She said: “Demi-colour is less opacity, but true colours. Unlike traditional colour correcting which neutralises, the true colours give you the ability to filter and delete excess darkness.

“Because we’re targeting just the ark areas, it’s not an all-over product.

“Sheer product only where needed eliminates creasing.”

For this hack to work, your “demi-colours” need to be similar to colour-correcting shades.

In the video, Amanda used a palette of different cream pigments in the shades of red, orange, pink, yellow and peach.

She explained that the best palettes will have different levels of colour saturation so you can “truly filter away darkness” on the skin.

The beauty expert likened the makeup hack to icing a cake.

According to Amanda, concealer and foundation act as a frosting to your skin by completely covering it up.

Sheer creams on the other hand act as a glaze, so you can still see your skin beneath the product while still making it appear brighter and perfected.

The makeup artists said: “You are left with skin that looks like it’s having the best day and not the ability to settle and crease. because it’s sheer.”

Amanda used her own Sient makeup demi-colour palette though you can use any product with a range of colour-correcting shades to cancel out darkness under the eyes.

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