Make a Bridgerton-style afternoon tea at home – and follow the proper etiquette

Make a Bridgerton-style afternoon tea at home – and follow the proper etiquette

This week, thousands of us tuned into Netflix to watch the second season of iconic period drama, Bridgerton.

And, if you’re anything like us you’ve been admiring the show’s stunning outfits, locations and food.

While we might not be able to don ball gowns or seduce or a gorgeous Viscount we’re all about indulging our Bridgerton fantasies in the ways we can.

So, why not pull up your sleeves, dust off your tea cups and create a very aristocratic afternoon tea for your friends while you finish off the series?

The Grand, in York, is known for its impressive afternoon tea and their food and beverage manager, Lauren Campey, explained how the five star hotel puts together this meal so you can make your own at home.

Lauren told the Hot Plate: “To create the perfect afternoon tea, you need to have a well-balanced combination of seasonally flavoured, delicate pastries, a varied selection of dainty sandwiches and light, fluffy scones which are complimented by the finest local teas and an elegant ambience.”

How do you serve afternoon tea?

Lauren said: “Our afternoon tea is presented on a triple tiered stand. On the bottom layer is our savoury selection which can include sandwich fillings such as Roast Yorkshire Chicken Caesar and Herb Marinated Cucumber with Micro Cress Cream Cheese served in granary or white farmhouse loaf, which are cut into finger size with the crusts removed.

“We also include one non-traditional item in our savoury section, which is a black pudding sausage roll.”

“The second layer is our scones. The perfect scone should be light and fluffy, served warm with a generous helping of clotted cream and jam.

“Then the final layer is our patisseries, which can include indulgent delicacies such as Salted Carmel Choux Bun, with Caramelia Whipped Ganache and Maldon Salt.”

You can make small finger sandwiches at home with tasty fillings or even make your own scones, but we’d recommend finding your local bakery or patisserie and selecting the most delectable pastries.

What type of tea is used?

Lauren noted: “For our tea selection, we use Taylors of Harrogate, both loose-leaf and bagged, as well as including our own secret Grand blend.”

If you want to try this fancy tea then you can pick up a selection on Amazon for £9.80.

Is there any afternoon tea etiquette that should be followed?

Lauren explained: “Sandwiches should be eaten first using your fingers, not with cutlery.

“Then move onto the scones, which should still be warm and broken in half by hand, rather than cut with a knife, with each half eaten separately.

“Patisseries should then be saved until last.”

“When it comes to making the tea, you should put your milk in first, then the tea should then be stirred back and forth, not in a circular motion.

“Also, you should avoid bashing the side of the cup with the spoon.”

Afternoon tea at The Grand, York

If you'd rather get dressed up and head out for an afternoon tea then The Grand is an excellent place to do this.

Lauren noted: "“The afternoon tea at The Grand, York follows all the traditional aspects of afternoon tea that make it so popular across the country. However, there are several aspects that set our afternoon tea apart.

"We use only the freshest seasonal produce, and where possible utilise local suppliers and ingredients to ensure an authentic Yorkshire experience. We also believe it is best served in a relaxed and leisurely environment.”

“A lot of love and enthusiasm goes into the preparation behind the scenes from the chefs, as well as from the delivery by the front of house team, which we believe also helped us gain the ‘Best Afternoon Tea’ award.”

She added: “At The Grand, York we offer a few variations of the traditional afternoon tea. We offer the option to upgrade to a Prosecco, Champagne or Gin and Tonic afternoon tea.

“We also offer a children’s afternoon tea, which is designed to offer the same afternoon tea experience but with a set of flavours and presentation which are more suitable, accessible and familiar to children.”

Previously, we revealed how to choose what to include in your afternoon cream tea.

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