MAFS’ Thomas Hartley’s job off screen that he finds ‘meaningful’

MAFS’ Thomas Hartley’s job off screen that he finds ‘meaningful’

Married At First Sight UK may ultimately be about romance and all things love, but that doesn’t mean that the show is without its dramatic moments.

From explosive dinner parties rows tosurprise new couples to individuals reentering the social experiment with a brand new partner, this series of MAFSUK has brought viewers plenty of entertainment.

But while the contestants may be known for bringing some Oscar-worthy moments to the show, away from our screens, all the Married At First Sight participants have normal lives and can be found working in everything from tech to motivational speaking.

And that includes fan favourite contestant Thomas Hartley, who viewers saw tie the knot to Adrian Anderson as part of the E4 social experiment.

Born and raised in Liverpool, 31 year old Thomas works as a mental health care assistant and has previously spoken about it on the show, calling his career meaningful and something he loves to do.

During his time on the show, Thomas has bravely opened up about his own experiences with mental health and revealed that he’d “been through so much” because of his sexuality.

When asked by dating expert Paul Brunson asked the 31 year old, he explained: “I’ve been verbally abused, physically abused, homophobia, all that bulls**t that every gay person has probably been through at some point or another, and I’m not having anyone throw my name and lie about me, because one thing I’m f**king not is a liar.”

Throughout his time on the show, Thomas’ relationship with Adrian has had its fair share of ups and downs, most recently withThomas not meeting his husband’s family.

And then in Thursday’s episode, the pair took part in an infamous vow renewal ceremony andviewers were left heartbroken as the couple expressed differing views towards the experiment.

While 37 year old Adrian appeared to be left single after voting to stay in the relationship, Thomas voted to leave the show.

Explaining howhis mum told him to leave Adrian, Thomas said “mother knows best” before proceeding to show his card that read “leave”.

Meanwhile, grief-stricken Adrian wrote to stay, leaving Married At First Sight viewers heartbroken on his behalf.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “Even after completely sh*tting all over him, Adrian is still being kind and considerate to Thomas and giving him the choice over whether he wants to stay or leave. He's an actual gem”.

“Poor Adrian is being completely blindsided by this,” wrote another, as another MAFS viewer added: “I just want to give Adrian a hug. But I guess if Tom doesn’t feel the same then fair dos”.


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