Mackenzie's horror as Yashvi outs her as transgender in Neighbours

Mackenzie's horror as Yashvi outs her as transgender in Neighbours

Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer) commits the ultimate betrayal of new friend Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) in Neighbours, and her actions could have huge consequences.

The two girls have been getting closer and closer, with Yashvi getting a weird sense that the two had met before. After a huge misunderstanding that Mackenzie was her secret sibling, Mackenzie revealed the full truth to Yashvi, going into detail about her troubled past.

Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) works overtime in an attempt to show Mackenzie he’s there to support her in her bid to find her dad, and Yashvi finds herself drawn closer to her new friend. In a deep heart to heart Mackenzie opens up about trans issues and how difficult things have been for her.

But as the chat gets serious, they hear someone outside the room. Mackenzie panics – she was bullied at her last school for being trans, she wants to tell her new classmates in her own time.

At first she’s relieved to believe it was Harlow outside listening in, but to the girls’ horror they realise it was in fact the school bully, Richie. Yashvi confronts him and warns him to keep his mouth shut, but she’s playing with fire and gives smug Richie the upper hand.

His attitude gets Yashvi even more riled up and she loses her rag, yelling at him that he shouldn’t care Mackenzie used to be a boy. But to Mackenzie’s horror, her behaviour has caused a scene and everyone hears Yashvi’s outburst. Her secret is no longer a secret.

Mackenzie is distraught that Yashvi outed her – it’s the most hurtful thing she could have done. But is there worse to come for the school girl now that her school mates know the truth?

Scenes air from Monday 9 September at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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