Love Island star Kady McDermott’s biggest scandals – from ‘secret boyfriend’ to lost brand deals

Love Island star Kady McDermott’s biggest scandals – from ‘secret boyfriend’ to lost brand deals
  • 17:47, 12 JUL 2023
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Kady McDermott is no stranger to drama.

She rocketed to fame in 2016 on the second series of Love Island, where she was paired with now ex-boyfriend Scott Thomas.

The couple infamously argued throughout the entire season, with Kady, 27, also getting into it with other islanders as well.

But the drama followed her even after she left the villa, and Kady has found herself facing several scandals over the last seven years.

Some of the TV star’s biggest controversies include being banned from a local Christmas tree switch on and dropped from brand deals.

Here’s a look at the scandals that have plagued Kady over the years…

Love Island rows

Kady had an explosive first stint on Love Island seven years ago. One particular episode saw Kady get into a huge argument with bombshell Malia Arkian after she accidentally spilt wine on her leg.

Malia was then kicked out of the villa after just a few hours following a physical altercation between the two women.

Elsewhere during her time in the villa, Kady found herself in a feud with Tina Stinnes after she went on a date with Scott, before forming a friendship with the Made in Chelsea star.

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Dropped from brand deals

Kady signed with fashion brand Missy Empire, but in 2019 the company cut ties with her after she had been in a heated row with TOWIE’s Maria Fowler over DM, and screenshots were leaked.

The row started after Kady launched a home renovation company named Our Village Project, similar to Maria’s brand Project In A Village. In messages, Kady called it “so embarrassing” Maria thought she had copied her brand name, and Maria hit back, saying Kady had “basically copied the whole page”.

Kady said in one message: “Maria no one wants to copy you, you’re no one, grow up.” She then called Maria a “cringe bag” and said: “your daughter is vile.”

At the time, Kady deleted the messages and apologised for her behaviour. Her representative said: “There is no excuse for that comment at all, she is deeply sorry and did not mean it. It was a comment in a second of anger.”

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Christmas tree switch on

In 2017, Kady was booked to turn on the Christmas lights in her hometown of Welwyn Garden City, in the hopes it would attract a younger audience to the event. However, following backlash from locals, she was dropped, and a petition circulated, calling her a “bad role model”.

More than 750 locals signed a petition threatening to boycott the event because Kady was "a bad example”. The petition gained much media coverage and Kady ended up going on Good Morning Britain to discuss the outrage, and defend herself.

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‘Axed’ from TOWIE

Kady was in a relationship with TOWIE star Myles Barnett for four years.

While they were together, she filmed some episodes with Myles and the cast. It was reported she and Myles had later been “axed” from the show, during a mass chop of cast members.

However, Kady denied claims they were axed, and said she and Myles chose to leave the show.

Speaking to MailOnline, she said: “I was never a cast member on TOWIE, I came halfway through the last series to spice things up a little bit. Obviously, Myles’ life is on TOWIE, he is one of the main cast members, I came on as I’m part of his life now.

“I came on for about three or four episodes, I was never contracted, I literally came on as a friend and family type thing. I didn’t have a great time on it, I know I was only on for about three or four episodes, but I really didn’t enjoy it.”

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‘Secret boyfriend’

Kady reportedly ended up in a showdown with Love Island bosses behind the scenes after rumours swirled the returning bombshell secretly had a "boyfriend" waiting for her back home.

The 27 year old brunette beauty, who made waves in the villa upon her unexpected return a couple of weeks ago, has already had a rocky journey second time around, and is even getting to know Ouzy See now.

But rather than causing drama and leaving a trail of boys in her wake, the star has been breaking down in tears and keeping her walls up in the villa.

According to reports, Kady’s reluctance to get closer to any of the boys, including Zachariah Noble, who has now recoupled with Molly Marsh, has led to suspicions from producers that the claims could be true.

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Attempting to explain the situation, a source said: "Kady’s been involved in several chats with bosses about her not cracking on with any of the boys.

"If you look at the last time an ex-Islander came in, Adam Collard in 2022, there were fireworks but that really hasn’t been the case this time around," the insider told The Sun.

It comes amid rumours that Kady is said to have been dating her reported "boyfriend" Liam Greer for more than a year before entering the show.

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