Late nights make people crave alcohol the next day, study shows | The Sun

Late nights make people crave alcohol the next day, study shows | The Sun

LATE nights make people crave a drink the next day, research reveals.

It’s bad news for Brits with Christmas party hangovers.

Experts believe a tired brain may have less power to resist temptation.

And wanting to booze in working hours could be linked to combating stress and anxiety.

A team at the University of Washington, US, tracked 409 people aged 18 to 25.

They were quizzed for 70 days about their sleep habits and cravings for alcohol and cannabis — which is legal in the state.


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Participants slept eight hours on average. Many had no desire to drink in the day — unless tired.

Study author Dr Scott Graupensperger told journal Addictive Behaviours: “Stronger craving was reported on mornings and afternoons after shorter sleep duration.”

A third of British men and one in seven women drink unhealthy amounts of booze.

The NHS suggests 14 units a  week — six pints of beer or  six medium wines.

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The World Health Organisation previously found those  working 49 or more hours a  week guzzle an extra pint or  glass of wine, compared to  those doing nine-to-five.

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