Lamar Odom Launches A Company To Provide Seniors With Affordable Housing

Lamar Odom Launches A Company To Provide Seniors With Affordable Housing

While Lamar Odom’s latest business venture may seem random, his motivation makes sense. The former basketball player recently revealed his plans to open a living community for seniors, as inspired by his grandmother’s struggle to find a comfortable place to live.

Lamar’s manager confirmed the news to TMZ, explaining that he’s partnered with Regency Palms Senior Living in Oxnard and Long Beach to launch his new business, Odom Senior Care.

The company will specialize in providing luxury care for seniors at affordable prices.

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TMZ explains that Odom Senior Care already has two facilities in Southern California. By the end of the year, the company plans to expand to providing housing at pre-negotiated rates to seniors in 1,000 communities.

The athlete explains that senior housing options are too expensive, so he hopes his initiative can set a new standard.

Lamar’s project was reportedly inspired by hi 96-year-old grandmother Florence, who’s been living in the same Bronx apartment for seven decades. Lamar said it was recently a struggle to find her new housing that met her needs, motivating him to launch the company.

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He’s apparently still looking for housing for his grandmother, who’s reluctant to move out of her current residence.

This isn’t the only big project Lamar recently announced that he has a strong personal connection to. Earlier this year, the recovering addict launched the Odom Recovery Group to help others get clean.

He undertook the initiative after a rehab center, Wavelengths Recovery, in Huntington, California nearly had to close due to financial issues. Lamar initially launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for the rehab facility in addition to holding a silent auction.

Since then, Lamar has acquired three treatment centers in California, and has said he’s motivated to help as many people reach sobriety as possible.

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Lamar has a long history with substance abuse. He infamously suffered an overdose at a Nevada brothel in 2015 amidst his divorce from Khloe Kardashian, who left him after his substance abuse and infidelities were exposed.

The basketball star was in the hospital for weeks after the ordeal, but eventually recovered and entered rehab. He’s been sober since, and is clearly trying to use his experience (and wealth) to help others struggling with similar issues.

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