Kendall Roy’s Gucci Bomber Jacket Just Made a Surprise Appearance in ‘And Just Like That…’

Kendall Roy’s Gucci Bomber Jacket Just Made a Surprise Appearance in ‘And Just Like That…’

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At first glance, Kendall Roy, the adult child from “Succession” looking to take over his father’s media empire, and Che Diaz from “…And Just Like That,” a non-binary standup comic with a podcast, couldn’t be more different. But there are a few things that bring the seemingly polar opposite HBO characters together: they live in New York, they can’t seem to stay away from an open mic and they love a bomber jacket — this vintage Gucci jacket, adorned with two green dragon heads, in particular.

The ostentatious and slightly garish jacket, which Kendall Roy wore to prep for his 40th birthday bash in Season 3, made a comeback on Thursday night’s episode of the “Sex and the City” reboot. Che Diaz donned the exact same piece for a stand-up set in which she absolutely rips Miranda to shreds.

Basically, an inescapably cringe moment is always accompanied by this red-and-black, reversible quilted bomber jacket. Those who watch “Succession” will remember Kendall’s unforgettable 40th birthday whose amusingly ironic decor included a welcome sign that read “The Notorious KEN Ready to Die,” video-screens showing wriggling sperm; a compliment tunnel; and a room containing giant-size mock-ups of newspaper front pages, predicting pathetic futures for the Roy family. It wasn’t a night for “stealth wealth,” okay?

The Gucci jacket didn’t actually make it into the final rendition of the party but Kendall is seen wearing it in the very first scene of the episode, while practicing a song he plans to perform (which he also wisely decides against). In fact, once the party starts, he’s seen wearing another ultra-rare Gucci bomber jacket from 2017, which is sold out everywhere on the resale market.

Luckily, his and Diaz’s dragon-adorned jacket is still available to buy online. Whether you have your own birthday party to plan, a stand-up set to perform or simply want to channel your own Diaz-Roy moment, you can find the exact Gucci piece below:

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