Katy Perry’s bares baby bump in new ‘Daisies’ music video

Katy Perry’s bares baby bump in new ‘Daisies’ music video

Katy Perry is back in bloom — and baring it all.

After a couple of so-so (for her) singles in “Never Really Over” and “Small Talk”) since her last album, 2017’s “Witness,” the “Firework” singer turns up the heat with her new single “Daisies” and its body-baring video.

Yup, Katy goes full-on Demi Moore in the “Daisies” video released Friday, going au naturel in the most natural of settings.

Shot by director Liza Voloshin during quarantine — from a proper social distance — the naturalistic clip showcases a pregnant Perry letting her growing baby bump and everything else all out.

The pop diva, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom this summer, definitely didn’t need the full glam squad for this back-to-basics clip, which shows her retreating from the heavy production of videos such as “E.T.” and “Roar.”

This irreverent mama-to-be wants to be Mother Nature now.

But aside from the video, “Daisies” is Perry’s best song since her 2013 album “Prism.” (Although I’ll always have a soft spot for 2017’s “Swish Swish.”)

This is the comeback song that Perry has been waiting for since she took the job as an “American Idol” judge beginning in early 2019, effectively signaling that she was a has-been.

But, at still just 35, Perry always had plenty of time for a comeback, and it starts here, with a return to the kind of empowering pop that made “Firework” and “Roar” such big hits.

“Told them your dreams and they all started laughing/I guess you’re out of your mind till it actually happens,” Perry sings at the beginning of “Daisies,” giving you a sense of the hopeful defiance to come in the first single from her upcoming album, “KP5,” due Aug. 14.

In the uplifting chorus, she sings, “They told me I was out there/Tried to knock me down/Took those sticks and stones/Showed ’em I could build a house/They tell me that I’m crazy/But I’ll never let ’em change me/Till they cover me in daisies.”

A bit cheesy, yes, but damn if this isn’t just the kind of can-do spirit — with atmospheric production by The Monsterz & Strangerz (Halsey, Maroon 5) —that we need right now. Bring on Cheesy Katy.

Perry will perform “Daisies” for the first time, along with other songs, during a live Q&A at Amazon Music at 1 p.m. Then she’ll sing her new single again during the “American Idol” season finale on Sunday.

Sounds like Perry has a lot more in store for this summer than a little bundle of joy.

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