Kate Upton Gets Hammered On Instagram, Mommy-Shamed For Drinking Wine While Nursing Infant

Kate Upton Gets Hammered On Instagram, Mommy-Shamed For Drinking Wine While Nursing Infant

American supermodel Kate Upton may be most famous for her iconic beauty and international modeling campaigns, but it’s her parenting skills that are driving headlines today. Generally taking to Instagram to share fitness videos, throwback photo shoots, and — as of late — maternity pictures, it looks like Kate is now focusing on inviting some haters onto her profile to spice things up a little bit.

In a provocative Instagram post made just moments ago — as of the writing of this article — Kate Upton can be seen in the window seat of what appears to be a jetliner. Her young newborn, a little girl named Genevieve — which she shares with husband Justin Verlander — can be seen cuddled in close to her chest. Raised high above the baby’s bonnet, firmly in the grip of the American supermodel, is a large glass of red wine. Kate lifts the ruby red wine to her lips, a coy smile playing across her petal-pink lips and a mischievous glimmer visible in her gaze.

“Both nursin,” Kate captioned the controversial photograph, followed by a string of alternating baby bottle and wine glass emojis. It seems unlikely that the beauty icon would be ignorant as to the reaction her post would draw from her fans and followers — and almost instantly, extremely strong reactions began pouring into the comments section.

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Both nursin ????????????????

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Although the image in question has currently been live for less than an hour, it has already become a big deal. Over 53,000 users liked the mother-daughter snapshot, while the post attracted over 400 comments. Almost evenly split are the two camps of thought — with proponents of Kate’s picture saying that it’s not really a big deal to have the odd glass of wine while nursing an infant, and critics hammering her with comments claiming that it is unhealthy, and perhaps a sign of poor judgment with regards to alcohol consumption.

One supporter wrote, “Oh boy look out, here comes the mom shaming,” while another user in Kate’s corner quipped, “you absolutely can drink while nursing… Sober enough to drive, sober enough to nurse.”

Those with opinions to the contrary were significantly less charitable, with one writing, “no shame in the drinking game if u can’t stop… i guess… but why use social media to promote it? weird.” Another user simply stated, “bad combo.”

Recent reporting from Forbes notes that two distinct and common arguments are sprouting up more frequently as late. One is the phenomenon of mom-shaming, that is “the long list of folks waiting to tell moms how badly they’re doing their jobs again.” The second argument surrounds the nature of alcohol consumption, however mild, while nursing.

While the Forbes author admonishes her audience to abstain from alcohol in any serious amount — particularly while pregnant — she does go on to say that there is no conclusive evidence, as yet, that a single glass of wine imbibed by the mother will do demonstrable harm to a nursing newborn.

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