June 2019 Premium Bonds winners announced with two scooping the £1million jackpot

June 2019 Premium Bonds winners announced with two scooping the £1million jackpot

CHECK your Premium Bonds if you have them as June's winners have been announced.

Two winners – based in Kent and Hertfordshire – are the lucky recipients of the £1million prize.

The winner from Kent has £4,210 invested in Premium Bonds, proving that you don't to hold the maximum value to come out on top.

The winning Bond (045BC552141) was purchased back in November 2000.

Kent is currently experiencing a hot streak of Premium Bonds millionaires – this is the third jackpot win in three months.

Meanwhile, Hertfordshire's winner purchased their winning Bond (292PB399962) in January 2017 and the winner held the maximum amount in Premium Bonds of £50,000.

But there might still be hope for those of you who didn't find yourselves a millionaire this morning – a total of 3,313,499 prizes worth £94,710,875 will be paid out in the June 2019 draw.

Overall, there were 81,180,745,735 eligible Bonds for the draw – so get checking ASAP.

To check if you've won, just enter your Premium Bonds number in NS&I's Premium Bond prize checker and cross your fingers.

You can also download the official Premium Bonds prize checker app – free from the Apple App Store or Google Play – or even ask Alexa!

Bond holders can also check how their previous Premium Bonds fared, with Jill Waters, Retail Director of NS&I, saying that "Customers can now check to see if they have been successful in this or in any previous Premium Bonds draws by using our prize checker, our Premium Bonds app, or by asking Alexa."

How to check your Premium Bonds

YOU don't want to be sitting on winnings you don't even realise you need to collect, do you? Here's how to make sure you don't miss out:

Make sure you know your Premium Bonds number to log into your account online. Your holder’s number has either ten or nine digits or eight digits followed by a letter. If you still can’t find your Premium Bond number you can write to NS&I and ask for it.

Check if you were bought Bonds as a child that you're unaware of/have forgotten about.

Check NS&I have your correct address and personal details – this is the most common way that prizes go unclaimed.

Once you know if you've won a prize but not received it, you’ll need to write to NS&I to reclaim the cash. NS&I's postal address is as follows: NS&I, Glasgow, G58 1SB.

Shockingly, there are over 1.5 million prizes worth more than £61 million that currently remain unclaimed.

This happens if you were bought Bonds as a child or if NS&I don’t hold your current address details – so it's always important to update your address and details with NS&I.

More than £61million in Premium Bonds prizes went unclaimed last month – have you checked if you were a winner?

NS&I have cut the minimum savings limit to £25 so you can now buy Premium Bonds with less money.

No Premium Bonds? You could still be owed up to thousands of pounds – here are our top tips so you don't miss out.

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