Jersey Shore Recap: How Pauly Finally Got Deena and Angelina In the Same Room

Jersey Shore Recap: How Pauly Finally Got Deena and Angelina In the Same Room

After being separated the entire season, Deena and Angelina are coming face to face.

“Jersey Shore Family Vacation” has really taken its time getting Angelina Pivarnick in the same room as Deena Nicole Cortese and Jenni “JWoww” Farley following the wedding speech fiasco — but tonight, there was finally some movement in the right direction.

Up until now, Angelina and Deena have been separated from each other the entire time they’ve been in the “Jersey Shore bubble” together in Las Vegas. The whole setup had Angelina feeling like a “side chick,” as she kept winding up alone or with whoever decided to throw her a bone while the rest of the group hung out with Deena.

The guys were confident they could make baby steps in mending fences between the two women though, especially after Deena told them it wasn’t totally off the table. Pauly put their plan into motion while he and Vin had a double date with Deena and her husband, Chris Buckner, to celebrate their 2-year “bromittment.”

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Pauly told them that he wanted his girlfriend Nikki Hall to visit the bubble, but hoped everyone could be together to welcome her. He said he wanted to avoid all the “separate little dinners” they’ve been having and asked Deena if she would be okay with that. While she wanted to meet Nikki, she was still hesitant to be in the room with Angelina.

“If I could have everybody there, it’s not about Deena-Angelina fighting, the wedding, nothing,” he reassured her. “You don’t even have to talk to Angelina, she can sit over there, you can sit over there. It’s a Nikki dinner.”

She relented, saying she would have to be seated at “the other end of the table” from Angelina and would not be talking about anything wedding-related. Deena questioned her decision after the dinner, explaining to Chris she didn’t want to feel “bombarded.” She added, “If she’s a changed woman like everyone says she is, she’ll be bale to sit there and not say anything.”

Meanwhile, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, his wife Lauren and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro grabbed dinner with Angelina — where she wondered why Deena was being so reluctant to squash the beef.

“Is it because of Jenni she’s got a big problem with me? I don’t see her pulling strings, but who knows,” she mused. “It’s childish. It literally is like I’m the side chick. That is something I don’t want anymore, I want everybody to be good in front of everybody.”

Unbeknownst to Angelina, JWoww had actually previously texted Deena telling her, “Don’t give in at all, or I’m not coming.” While the text was accidentally shared on last week’s episode, Mike and Ron didn’t pass on that info to Angelina.

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Both Deena and Angelina admitted they were nervous about coming face to face, with Cortese hoping Pivarnick wouldn’t be hammered when they finally saw each other.

“She’s a very different person when she drinks,” said Deena … as Angelina was seen heading to the resort’s bar by herself.

The hour ended with JWoww expressing serious FOMO about the trip and Vinny and Pauly figuring out the best seating arrangement to minimize the drama. A preview for next week showed they’d finally be in the same room, at opposite ends of the same table — along with footage of Deena telling the boys her husband book them a flight home.

“Jersey Shore Family Vacation” airs Thursdays on MTV.

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