Jack Brooksbank is ‘shy and eager-to-please’ Eugenie – couple have ‘supportive chemistry’

Jack Brooksbank is ‘shy and eager-to-please’ Eugenie – couple have ‘supportive chemistry’

Royal wedding: Jack Brooksbank emotional at alter

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Jack Brooksbank, who turned 36 today, tied the knot with Princess Eugenie back in 2018. How well has he fitted into the Royal Family – especially compared to his brother-in-law, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi who married Eugenie’s sister, Princess Beatrice? Judi James, a body language expert told Express.co.uk: “It looks like a case of ‘sweet’ versus ‘suave’ for Eugenie and Beatrice’s husbands.

“The rather shy and eager-to-please Jack looks like a very different husband to the handsome, elegant and self-confident Edoardo,” the expert claimed.

Judi added: “Both have had a rather complex induction into royal life thanks to the ongoing dramas of their wife’s parents.

“But both appear to have coped well, with Jack appearing permanently upbeat.

“Jack’s wide, open and symmetric smile and equally wide-open eyes create a much more boyish and even naïve image.”

What was his body language during the royal wedding?

Judi continued: “His wedding day did seem to be spent in a state of happy high anxiety.

“Happiness and optimism seemed to be written all over Jack’s body language as well as what looked like a desire to get things right for the sake of his slightly nurturing-looking wife.”

How did Jack’s background help for becoming a member of the Royal Family?

Judi commented: “Jack looks easy-going and fun.

“His job managing up-market nightclubs should make him the relatable social option for both William and Harry.

“His work has probably made him amenable and flexible and experienced in dealing with royals and their lifestyle.”

Is Jack Brooksbank a good support system for Princess Eugenie with their one-year-old son August?

Angela Karanja, a parenting expert and founder of Raising Remarkable Teenagers spoke to Express.co.uk to offer her expert analysis.

She said: “I feel that Jack is a good support system.

“Mainly because we’ve heard and seen this from what Princess Eugenie says and openly posts.

“Also, recently Sarah (Eugenie’s mum) defended Jack as a good father and husband.

“The couple have been together for a lengthy period of time.

“Some of which was long-distance, so they’ve definitely established some supportive chemistry emotionally, energetically and physically.

“If you listen or watch Eugenie, you’ll notice a lot of this supportive connection and connotation in words like ‘we wanted this, we did this, our hearts are full of love, and we are excited.’

“The phrase ‘we’ implies there is a lot of making decisions and doing things together as a couple.”

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