‘I’ve had four boob jobs – my hubby loves them but other wives are jealous’

‘I’ve had four boob jobs – my hubby loves them but other wives are jealous’
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    A mum who has spent thousands on four breast enhancement surgeries says her husband loves them.

    However, ‘Bunny’ Brenda Moore, 45, from Park City, Utah, USA, says other women aren't as supportive. She claims she often has to put up with envious stares from rival wives

    Despite not being popular with other women, Bunny, who is a self-confessed Bimbo and big Pamela Anderson fan, has made it big on the internet – currently boasting 35,000 followers on Instagram.

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    And luckily for her, husband Jay Moore, 46, her school sweetheart for over 20 years, is very supportive of her lifestyle choices and the attention she gets.

    She is firm believer that getting tattoos and piercings and wearing skimpy bikinis are not off-limits to women over 40.

    Bunny, who has two kids – Vincent (17) and Nadia (19) also isn't afraid to call herself a 'hot mum'.

    She got her first breast augmentation when she was 18 in 1994, long before it was a normalised procedure seen on social media and TV.

    Since then she has had more boob jobs, a skinny BBL, lip fillers, Botox and morpheus micro-needling spending almost £50,000.

    Bunny travelled far and wide to find the right doctor for her breast implants.

    Having been told that she couldn’t get implants over 750cc without her breasts drooping she decided to change doctors and got 1250cc.

    She also gets hair extensions, lash extensions and blinged-out sexy nails regularly.

    “I stopped going to general plastic surgeons and expanded my search to find the best doctor out there,” she said.

    “I was a A cup naturally and always knew I wanted to get implants.

    “So I got my first implant when I was 18 years old in 1994 and that was very unusual for that time.

    “I now have the cleavage I have always wanted."

    Bunny is not just too hot for the internet but for people in real life too and this is evident in how people respond to her.

    “Creepy dudes stare at me while their jealous wives give me stank eyes,” she said.

    “I also make friends with people that are much younger than me because they are more accepting of me than people my own age.

    “People are actually really sweet and nice to me on my face but I know they whisper behind my back.

    “I have a lot of fans and followers on my current account but some random people are not so nice, especially women who are critical and vile in their opinions.

    “It actually reflects more about how they feel about themselves than me.”

    People’s reactions to her however do not bother her because she has a loving husband who is very supportive of her.

    “My husband is a sweetheart and my number one fan,” she said.

    “I know whatever changes I have done to myself, I wouldn’t have done without his support.

    “He has been with me through every step of the way and makes me feel like a rockstar instead of an old boring housewife."

    Bunny can trace her love for all things extra to her childhood days.

    “I grew up in the era of Baywatch watching Pamela Anderson on screen,” she said.

    “I was so exposed to her and found her the sexiest and most interesting woman on the planet.

    “She was actually THE FIRST EVER plastic surgery advocate, way before the Kardashians became a thing.

    “I have also come to love the terms trophy wives, bimbo dolls and hot moms now, words that were once derogatory.

    Bunny is currently at peace with her looks and has no immediate plans to go bigger when it comes to her boobs, but she surely has some advice for other women out there.

    “I have a lot of experience with boob jobs to get the boobs of my dreams,” she said.

    “I want to save other ladies the time, hassle and expenses that I went through to get the perfect breasts.

    “I am happy to talk to them about their enhancement goals to help them.

    “I do have tons of ladies who reach out to me weekly with questions seeking plastic surgery advice and I suspect it's because I have so much experience & am open about it all.

    “Honestly I wish I had someone to ask or get help back when I was starting out, so I'm always happy to help where I can now.

    “I don’t have any current surgery plans and I think at my age I would make Pamala Anderson proud.”


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