I've decided to tell my daughter her dad is dead because I met him when I was an escort

I've decided to tell my daughter her dad is dead because I met him when I was an escort

DEAR DEIDRE: SADLY, I’m thinking of telling my daughter her dad is dead to explain why he’s absent.

I’m 23 and I met him when I was an escort – I was a student feeling the pinch. He said he loved me and I loved him, so I gave him free sex. I later found out he was a liar.

When I got pregnant, he told me, “Get rid!” Then he turned up one night and he talked himself into my bed.

I didn’t see him again until six months after our baby was born. Then he promised he’d be a good dad but, of course, he was lying.

He’s 28, I know he won’t change. So I’ve decided to tell her he’s dead.


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DEIDRE SAYS: Your intentions are good but this could badly backfire.

Make sure your daughter knows 100 per cent that you love her. When she starts asking questions, say he had problems which got in the way of him being a good dad, it’s not that she’s not loveable.

The truth has a way of coming to light and it’s better for her to get used to the truth than to find out her mother has lied.


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