Italian gran tries Starbucks coffee for first time – and delivers savage verdict

Italian gran tries Starbucks coffee for first time – and delivers savage verdict

A grandma has gone viral for her brutal opinion after trying Starbucks coffee for the first time.

Maddie, from Sydney, Australia, got her Italian gran a cup of caramel macchiato and she couldn't wait to see what she thought of it so decided to film her response.

Without telling her what the drink was, she went up to her in the kitchen and said: "Nonna, I've got you some Starbucks for you to try."

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In the video, the pensioner takes a sip of the caffeinated drink and pulls a face.

She says: "No, I don't like it. It doesn't like coffee at all. It's too sweet, you don't need that much sugar in coffee!

"It's junk coffee. For me it's rubbish, I'm sorry."

But it gets worse when Maddie told her that the coffee costs $5 AUD (£2.90).

The gran raises her eyebrows and fumes: "$5? Even if you give it to me for free, I'd say 'thank you very much, I will give you another $5 but you drink it'."

To conclude the coffee testing, Maddie asks her to give a mark out of 10.

"No, it looks like a four."

The pensioner's reaction gave the viewers a good chuckle and many shared their thoughts in the comments.

One penned: "Gets more fired up as she goes."

A second wrote: "I agree with nonna! Most coffees are just warm milkshakes. That's fine but don't call it coffee then! Nonna for president!"

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A third said: "This is the reason I now have my own coffee machine and Lavazza brand Italian coffee is the best!"

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