‘Isn’t it Romantic’ is the rom-com ‘I Feel Pretty’ should’ve been

‘Isn’t it Romantic’ is the rom-com ‘I Feel Pretty’ should’ve been

Head trauma has become a trend at the movies.

You know the films: A woman slams her noggin, passes out and awakens to discover she’s a supermodel (“I Feel Pretty”) or that she can hear men’s thoughts (“What Men Want”). I call them head-bangers.

They’re also routinely horrible, aside from the very funny new movie “Isn’t it Romantic,” in which the main character opens her eyes to find she’s the lead in a clichéd romantic comedy. It turns the well-worn device on its, well, yeah.

Rebel Wilson plays Natalie, a New York architect who’s resigned to the banalities of her life: a crummy Queens apartment, gorgeous men around her dating only bombshells and being mistreated at the office by just about everybody.

She especially loathes rom-coms and the blissful existences they present to mislead her kind.

As a kid, her mom (Jennifer Saunders channeling “Dance Moms”) told her if they made a movie about downers like them, “it would be so sad, they’d have to sprinkle the popcorn with Prozac.”

So, after her cranium collides with a subway-station pillar during a mugging, Natalie is dismayed to learn her life has become a drippy romantic comedy. Long Island City now looks like Notting Hill, there are perfectly choreographed karaoke sequences straight out of “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and a total sex-pot (Liam Hemsworth) is enamored with her.


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