Is James Kennedy Iced Out Again On 'Vanderpump Rules?'

Is James Kennedy Iced Out Again On 'Vanderpump Rules?'

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James Kennedy from Vanderpump Rules seems to be taking home the “best villain” award for the show again. Only a few episodes into the new season and Kennedy is shunned and fired (again) from SUR.

This isn’t Kennedy’s first time getting iced out of the group and from SUR owner Lisa Vanderpump’s life. He got into trouble in past seasons for getting too hammered and acting out at work. Kennedy’s main point of contention in the past was Jax Taylor. But the two seemed to work past their differences and became friends…briefly.

Now Kennedy is back to square one, but this time it isn’t because of Taylor. However, it was Taylor who dropped a pretty revealing tweet about how the cast feels about Kennedy.

This is why he was fired (again)

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One consistent theme with Kennedy is that he seems to get himself into trouble when he’s boozing. During the Pride festival this year, he became agitated after being accused of cheating on his girlfriend Raquel Leviss. And the more annoyed he became, the more alcohol he consumed. He popped off at many cast members, even arguing with Leviss, but his final comment was probably the nail in his coffin.

At one point the SUR team was in the outside back area of the restaurant. Kennedy appeared to be walking back inside when he spotted co-worker and server, Katie Maloney-Schwartz. Unable to control himself, Kennedy decided to take a shot at Maloney-Schwartz’s weight, which he’s done in the past. He told her she should not be wearing the shorts she chose because of her weight.

Maloney-Schwartz told Vanderpump about the exchange and gave her an ultimatum. Either he goes or she goes. After careful consideration, Vanderpump lowers the boom on Kennedy and fires him. Despite the amount of revenue his “See You Next Tuesday” night generated for the restaurant.

And being shunned by the group

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When Kennedy was fired the first time, he was treated like a pariah by the SUR gang. And while he worked his way back into the inner circle and repented for his behavior, he seems to be back at square one, once again.

In December, Bravo TV posted on Twitter, “Is it over for James at SUR?” To which Taylor responded, “It’s been over.” A Twitter follower saw Taylor’s post but said Kennedy basically carries the show. “The season would be dead without him but I do really hate him when he talks about Katie’s weight when she is beautiful.”

But then Taylor responded with this very telling tweet, proving that Kennedy is no longer in the circle of trust. “No it wouldn’t. Everyone refuses to film with him, so I don’t see how.”

But could he make a comeback (again)?

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Kennedy wasn’t shy about posting about getting fired on the show. And Taylor’s comment about filming may have been true too. The majority of Kennedy’s Instagram posts do not include any cast members from the show. However, he does include a few images with cast members like Scheana Marie and even Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval.

However, one hint that he prove he is clawing his way back up is a tweet he dropped on December 9. “YO! HELLO!! IM DJING AT SUR TODAY AND IM GONNA FREESTYLE MY HEART OUT  fr tho I’m spinning at 4pm  come to SUR today.”  Also, he and Leviss came out to support Vanderpump Dogs in November too. So does this mean Kennedy has rebounded yet again? Maybe he’ll even score an invite to Taylor and fiance Brittany Cartright’s wedding. Probably not.

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