I'm worried my boyfriend will use my past against me | The Sun

I'm worried my boyfriend will use my past against me | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: THE thought of telling my boyfriend the whole truth about my past fills me with dread.

It haunts me and stops me from being truly happy in my relationship. I feel I am not good enough for him.

I’m 27 and he is 28. We’ve been together for two years.

I admit I was a bit wild and slept with a few men, but I have never disclosed how many.

My boyfriend is protective, jealous and has admitted he is like this in most of his relationships.

I make sure I do everything to make him happy and if I go out with friends I always keep in touch.

But if we argue and he is angry he brings up my past.

This is why I know I can’t tell him everything.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You don’t have to tell your boyfriend the exact number. It’s irrelevant. Your past is exactly that – your past. Your boyfriend needs to stop bringing it up.

His jealous, possessive behaviour is concerning.

He may have been let down badly by someone he trusted, which might be the cause of his jealousy, but it’s no excuse.

He won’t change without help.

My support pack Dealing With Jealousy explains more.


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