I'm fed up with influencers posing outside my pink house – I know how to get rid of them but it's a step too far | The Sun

I'm fed up with influencers posing outside my pink house – I know how to get rid of them but it's a step too far | The Sun

A GRANDAD under attack from scantly-clad Instagram influencers who flock to his pink home for photos is refusing to change the colour – despite the mad antics it attracts.

Dozens of vain types swarm Peter Lee's pastel property every day to do anything from the splits to rubbing their semi-naked bodies up against his front door as they pose for fancy snaps.

But despite the chancers causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to his front steps and even posing for X-rated photo shoots – the 77-year-old refuses to redecorate.

The grandad, from Notting Hill, London, told The Sun: "It was pink when I bought it.

"I kept it pink because my business partner kept saying to everybody 'we're going round the pink house'."

According to local council planning laws, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea does permit Peter to change the colour.


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But the retired fashion manager argues that it's been known as 'The Pink House' for so long that he doesn't see the point in changing it.

Peter, who has lived in the property for 43 years, added: "One of my friends suggested I paint it blue.

"But I thought to myself 'I can't paint it blue can I'?"

His determination to keep his house pink comes despite a whopping£2,500 bill to replace tiles on his steps – cracked during photoshoots.

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Influencers have also chipped a load of paint off his smart wrought iron railings from clambering on them and pulling all manner of poses.

He noted: "I've had whole families from the top step down to the bottom step all posing and the photographers stand on the other side of the road.

"When they leave, another lot are queuing up waiting for their photos!"

Peter's CCTV and Ring Doorbell cameras catch the chancers in their act – and he admits the footage has sometimes been more than revealing.

In one standout clip, a woman in a tiny leotard fondles herself and sticks her bum out for a seedy photoshoot on the grandad's steps.

Meanwhile another catches a blonde woman throwing her hair back and thrusting her chest out in a dramatic Titanic-esque pose right outside poor Peter's door.

Both photoshoots were taken in broad daylight.

Discussing the behaviour, Peter says: “I don’t mind. It amuses me to watch them.

“Sometimes it is very entertaining.”

Other photos seen by The Sun show a woman doing a bonkers backwards yoga move and one group even setting up a tent to change outfits in for each photo.

Other uninvited guests have quite the brass neck, too.

"There was a girl standing here once, I came out of my front door and she just stood back as if to let me pass!" he quipped.

Peter says on the whole he is tolerant of people taking photos outside but reveals he did once reach the end of his tether.

He explained: "I did stop a group of girls who were all in high heels because there were obviously too many of them – told them the steps are getting damaged.

There was a girl standing here once, I came out of my front door and she just stood back as if to let me pass!

"They moved on."

Peter, who was influential in bringing mini skirts into the country in the 1960s, says neighbours' pastel coloured homes in the area have attract similar attention.

He explained: "Round here it is happening all the time, I'm not the only one."

But the dad-of-three and grandad-of-four says his pink paradise gets most of the attention given how bright the home is.

"It's the pink and the ivy is what people like and the cherry tree", he adds.

"I think because of smartphones and the cameras being so good, lots of girls love having photographs of themselves."

Incredibly, the home is so popular it features on Google Maps as a recommended tourist attraction dubbed 'Pink house influencer photo opportunity'.

Your rights explained

If someone is on your property uninvited this is trespassing.

However, it can be difficult to do anything about it. In many instances, this is considered a civil offence rather than a criminal one.

Typically, police will only remove trespassers for you if they have entered a property and intend to illegally occupy it.

They may also intervene if the trespasser's behaviour is threatening or abusive.

Your first step should be to politely tell the trespasser to leave the property, or stop using it in the manner which you find undesirable.

If you pursued a civil case against a person for trespassing and won, the courts would have the jurisdiction to have them removed from the property.

Of course, this would not really be a feasible route for someone who had stopped on your doorstep for a quick photoshoot.

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This may occur, for example, if someone parked on your driveway without your permission.

You could also pursue a legal claim for nuisance behaviour.

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