‘I’m a proud stockpiler and always clear shelves – I don’t care if it’s greedy’

‘I’m a proud stockpiler and always clear shelves – I don’t care if it’s greedy’

With the cost of living rapidly rising, many are on the hunt for a bargain.

However, some people are taking things to the extreme when they spot a good deal.

Facebook users have been taking to bargain groups to reveal how they've been stockpiling items when they spot them at a reduced prices.

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And some even say they have enough stocked up for a whole year.

One woman took to Facebook to share a picture of her pantry, which was packed to the ceiling with food, cleaning products and other essentials.

"When the product I like is on a good special I buy up as many as I can, sometimes enough for a year," she wrote.

While another posted a snap of another similar looking pantry, as they wrote: "I'm proud of my husband. He's been doing such a great job with our doomsday pantry.

"Well, really it's just a money saving pantry.

"We've got so much stock now that we're bound to be good for the next few months.

"Almost everything was bought on special. I'm so lucky to have such a frugal family."

And as for the backlash these people receive on their posts, mum-of-two and blogger Wendy Gower – a self-titled "professional stockpiler" – told News.com.au that it's ridiculous.

"Shoppers should not be criticised for making the most of a good deal," she said.

"They are wise for looking after their family and budget."

Despite her comments, the hoarders' posts did attract some criticism from other social media users.

"Hoarding is fine in the current climate but it is good manners to leave some for others, never clear the shelf unless there's only one or two left when you get there," one person wrote.

While another added: "Someone could really need those chicken wings to get their family through the week – leave some for them too."


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