If You’re One Of These 5 Zodiac Signs, January’s New Moon Will Affect You

If You’re One Of These 5 Zodiac Signs, January’s New Moon Will Affect You

If you’re ready to leave behind the bajiggity energy of 2018, the January 2019 new moon (which is also happening in conjunction with a partial solar eclipse at the same time!) is an ideal time to turn things around. Some signs will feel the effects more than others, and Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are the zodiac signs the January 2019 new moon will affect the most, according to astrology forecasts.

Overall the Jan. 5, 2019 new moon is going to bring positive karmic energy to every sign of the zodiac. The partial solar eclipse and new moon in Capricorn is all about new beginnings in areas of your public life, and the effects can be felt for up to six months. "In the Saturn-ruled sign of Capricorn, public life, career, reputation, achievement, and accountability are a strong focus," Cafe Astrology revealed. "This is a time for setting practical, attainable goals."

That being said, it’s also a time to take chances and trust that the universe will fully support you if you’re willing to put in the work. Act from a place of abundance versus a place of fear and lack. "Capricorn teaches us that recognizing our limitations actually frees us to focus on what matters, where we are, who we are, and where we want to go," Cafe Astrology noted. Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will be sprinkled with a little extra pixie dust during this new moon. If you’re one of these signs, use this opportunity to manifest everything you need to live your best life in 2019.


Aries, if you’re on the hunt for new career opportunities in 2019, the January 2019 new moon has your back. Tarot.com predicted that the powerful cosmic energy of the partial solar eclipse and new moon will lead to the ultimate career opportunity. Pay attention so you can recognize it when it comes your way. "There is something so magnificent brewing for you professionally, and whatever it is it will put you in a place of total security and long-term success." Yes, please!


The January 2019 new moon wants you to identify where you’re settling for less in your relationships. If you’re not feeling a genuine connection with someone, the new moon will highlight this lack and illuminate a path toward love and light. "The deep and meaningful parts of your core relationship with others — genuine intimacy — are available to you now thanks to this eclipse opening up a portal of energy. That portal whispers, ‘Be not afraid of the darkness, for that is where you’ll see the light,’" Tarot.com noted.


Virgo, if you’ve been playing it safe, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and actively go after what you want. I know it’s scary, but the January 2019 new moon has your back in a big way. "What’s holding you back? Be brutally honest with yourself about what you want, not what you think is expected of you," Horoscope.com advised. "With [the] Jan. 5 Capricorn new moon and solar eclipse, it’s the start of an 18-month phase of getting rid of pretense and rediscovering your inner child."


Sagittarius, if you’ve always been the flower in your relationships, it’s time to become your own gardener instead of relying on others to tend to your needs. Taking steps to chart your own course during the January 2019 new moon will pay off big time. "Jan. 5, a new moon and eclipse in Capricorn usher in an 18-month phase of you growing in emotional and financial security. Dig deep and reap the rewards," Horoscope.com advised.


Pisces, if you’ve spent the entirety of 2018 in your own private cocoon, it’s time to break free in 2019 and become the butterfly you were always meant to be. "A Capricorn new moon and solar eclipse on Jan. 5 asks you to align with a greater vision and altruistic ambition. Stay true to your talents and abilities, and you will simply shine. You’ve been on a long journey, and you’re turning the corner on some past difficulties. This is about your legacy — have faith in yourself and remember that only humility precedes true greatness," Horoscope.com noted.

Overall, the January 2019 new moon in Capricorn is a time of transformation for all zodiac signs. Pay attention — the universe has messages for those willing to listen.

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