‘I was hired for my personality – so have no issue watching other staff do work’

‘I was hired for my personality – so have no issue watching other staff do work’

A woman claimed she was hired for her 'personality' – and watches other staff members slog away at work.

Isabelle caused quite the stir on social media after she filmed herself at her retail job.

However, it appeared the brunette was not giving her colleagues a helping hand as she is solely there for her charisma.

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In a clip posted to her 101,000 TikTok followers, Isabelle rested on a chair as she rocked a pair of brown leggings and a cropped jumper.

"When you're a personality hire and it's closing time so your work is done", she alleged.

Her colleague sifted through clothing on the rails as Isabelle watched and filmed instead of helping.

"Good job girl. Keep up the good work", she mocked in the caption.

Since she posted the clip which racked up 2.3million views, Isabelle received plenty of comments.

A lot of them were not happy with Isabelle and 'personality' based employment.

One person slammed: "No such thing as a personality hire in retail."

Another user added: "You can be a personality hire and still help lol."

While a third blasted: "Oh I know they hate you for that. Help them close."

Someone else jibed: "You’re the type of co-worker I despised in retail."

Although others were able to relate to Isabelle's 'role' in her job.

This user related: "Omg same my boss sends me into to charm all the customers I’m the backbone of the operation."

A second claimed: "I got hired at Zara with zero retail experience and pure personality so this is true."

Meanwhile, another noted: "I mean the store looks clean so…"

And, a fourth said: "Honestly think I’m just in retail for morale boosting because I don’t do a damn thing useful."


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