I tried out this new hairdryer and it's blown my socks off

I tried out this new hairdryer and it's blown my socks off

Nicky Clarke’s world famous brand is renowned for its styling tools – from straighteners and curling tongs to brushes and hairdryers, the celebrity stylist’s line is impressive. 

I put the new Nicky Clarke hairdryer, which uses infrared technology to repair hair and promote scalp health, to the test.

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  • Nicky Clarke Infrared Pro Hair Dryer, £99.99 (saving £30) from Amazon – buy here


  • Plastic free packaging
  • Energy saving
  • Quiet to use
  • Provides a very smooth and sleek blow dry
  • Infrared technology means hair is not damaged by excess heat 


  • Not the prettiest product

Nicky Clarke hair dryer review: quick summary

The main selling point of this dryer is that it incorporates infrared technology.

Infrared is seen as a health boost in the world of medicine and beauty — its benefits are similar to those you get from the sun, without the skin-damaging UV radiation.

As anyone who has blow-dried their hair within an inch of its life will know, hairdryers and healthy scalps do not normally go hand in hand.

In my case, my itchy and sore scalp, together with very frizzy and damaged ends, is a result of too much heat exposure from decades of blow-drying my hair. 

A hair dryer that is scalp friendly, therefore, is one I am keen to try out. if I'm honest, the fact this product has technology that stimulates the scalp and follicles to promote healthier hair blew me away.

One of the benefits of an infrared hair dryer is that it provides even, consistent heat, and the temperature is a lot lower than that of a normal hairdryer, causing less damage to the hair.

And the best bit of all? Infrared hairdryers claim to dry your hair more quickly and efficiently. This is because the infrared technology is designed to penetrate the hair cuticle, drying hair from the inside out —the result is a drying time reduced by 50%.

As someone who is always rushing, a blow dry in half the time is a huge bonus.

The product fits easily into the hand, and is very lightweight. Although it comes with two different nozzles, I didn’t need to use them as the dryer itself seemed to sleek down my hair and soften it; apparently this is what happens when hair is heated from the inside out, as the process locks in moisture.

  • Nicky Clarke Infrared Pro Hair Dryer, £99.99 (saving £30) from Amazon – buy here


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Nicky Clarke hair dryer review: full review

First impressions

The Nicky Clarke brand is a luxury one, so it is no surprise that the packaging the hairdryer arrives in looks plush. Another great thing about it is that it is plastic-free (the hairdresser was one of the first to incorporate sustainability into his products).

The hairdryer certainly has the wow factor, with a black design that feels extremely lightweight to hold. The head of the dryer, where you would normally attach a nozzle, has a very different look to any other hairdryer I have seen.

The patented honeycomb-shaped heating element has been designed in a way that distributes heat evenly across the hair and scalp. Turn the dryer on and although you notice the infrared light if you look through the honeycomb ring, there is no burning heat emitted — it's more a cool blast of air.


Having been fortunate enough to learn how to use the hairdryer from the man himself at his Mayfair salon, I followed Nicky Clarke's advice and roughed dry my hair first before I begin styling it.

I noticed that even when rough drying it, the ends appear smooth and sleek, when normally at this point they tend to frizz up.

This is because the infrared hair dryer is designed to produce long waves of energy that penetrate the hair cuticle and start drying your hair from the inside out.

The heat from the hair dryer feels much cooler, meaning you're less likely to burn your scalp. Even more impressively, a dry that would normally take me a good 30 minutes takes just 15. 

It is a strange experience when you first use the hairdryer: I'm used to the surface of my hair going frizzy when I first put the heat of a hairdryer on it, but with this product the opposite happens; the hair shaft appears sleek and glossy.  

Even without the need to add any mousse or hair serum, my hair felt smooth and dried without static or flyaway ends. I tried it on all three heat settings (and its two speed settings) and at no point did I feel any burning sensation on my scalp. 

  • Nicky Clarke Infrared Pro Hair Dryer, £99.99 (saving £30) from Amazon – buy here

Nicky Clarke hairdryer review: the verdict

The hairdryer is such a pleasure to use and this is one of the best products I've used for getting a salon-worthy hairstyle. I can vouch for the fact a blow dry by Nicky Clarke himself with this product achieved the exact same result when I did it myself at home: big, bouncy, shiny hair that felt hydrated and moisturised.

Over the weeks I have been testing it, drying my hair has never been easier. Not only am I finished in half the time, but my split ends seem less obvious, my hair feels soft to the touch and a blow dry lasts me three days.

There’s no denying that this hairdryer will blow your socks off. At £99, it is an investment worth locking in!

  • Nicky Clarke Infrared Pro Hair Dryer, £99.99 (saving £30) from Amazon – buy here



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