‘I invested £13.5k on boob job and became millionaire – and I’ve found new job’

‘I invested £13.5k on boob job and became millionaire – and I’ve found new job’
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    A Playboy model who earns between £30,000 and £50,000 a month on OnlyFans is embracing a fresh challenge away from adult work.

    Sara Blake Cheek, 32, was once a salon owner but started racy modelling during the pandemic when her hair business was forced to shut.

    She has since become a millionaire by selling raunchy photos online and she puts her life changing success down to boob enhancement surgery.

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    But the mum-of-four, from Florida, is now becoming a player in the lucrative alcohol industry thanks to her lucrative modelling career.

    She recently launched her own caramel and apple flavoured spirit called Sensational Moonshine, which is advertised as being 'smooth, sweet and sexy'.

    And speaking to Daily Star, she said: “I used my boobs on OnlyFans which generated the money to provide this opportunity.

    “So I’m really grateful for my surgeon because I invested in a £13,500 boob job and have made millions that I’ve invested in real estate and now for my own liquor company.

    “After getting the cover of FHM and then Playboy I knew the sky was the limit. And getting all the hate for being a successful model and OnlyFans creator from your everyday cookie cutter people just gave me more ammo.

    “I wanted to create another source of income and I wanted it to be one that brings the majority of people together.”

    She added: “There isn’t really a moonshine that I ever liked the taste of. Every time someone would bust out a bottle it tasted like kerosene.

    “So I wanted to create a flavour that both men and women liked. Plus it’s unique, I don’t like being like everyone else and moonshine is something exclusive.

    “I buck the system and that is why everything including my moonshine is exactly what I am, unique and fun.”

    Moonshine is a slang term in southern states referring to potently strong spirits often made from home.

    Sara, who has appeared on ESPN as a sports broadcaster, is now shipping her bottles worldwide and she pays no attention to anyone who tries to discredit her.

    She said: “My goal has never been to prove anyone wrong. I really don’t care what people think.

    “It does highlight my versatility that I’ve been successful in a multitude of industries from modelling to sports.

    “I’m driven but I’m also building relationships with people who personally know who I am versus what the Karens and trolls think based on a picture of me online.”

    Sara has received much publicity for her OnlyFans venture and has suffered setbacks like being banned from attending her own children’s sports games.

    Her seven-year-old son was also suspended from school after gossip spread about what she does for work.

    Explaining what being on the kinky platform has been like, she told us: “It’s completely changed our lives, good and bad.

    “I get people in my everyday life who are so hateful they cuss me out in the hockey rinks in front of their kids for simply existing and I get women that go out of their way while I’m out to take a picture with me because I inspire them.”

    And promoting her latest business move, she concluded: “People should try my moonshine because it’s delicious and because it’s created from the heart.

    “I’m a southern mum who wants to make everyone happy, feel loved and treated like a family.”


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